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HALF. One equal part of a thing divided into two parts, either in fact or in contemplation. A moiety. This word is used in composition; as, half cent, half dime, &c.

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Since then every family is part of a city, and each of those individuals is part of a family, and the virtue of the parts ought to correspond to the virtue of the whole; it is necessary, that both the wives and children of the community should be instructed correspondent to the nature thereof, if it is of consequence to the virtue of the state, that the wives and children therein should be virtuous, and of consequence it certainly is, for the wives are one half of the free persons; and of the children the succeeding citizens are to be formed.
One half of a potential ``Hallway Series'' locked itself into the Western Conference semifinals as the Clippers blasted the Denver Nuggets 101-83 in Game 5 of their first-round playoff series Monday night at Staples Center to make the series 4-1.
Each Warrant entitles the holder to purchase one half common share at a price of US$2.

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