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70) A very different approach was taken by Peter Heylyn in his pamphlet on the death of Laud which included the text of his last speech on the scaffold: "It is a preposterous kinde of writing to beginne the story of a great mans life, at the houre of his death; a most strange way of setting forth a solemne Tragedie, to keep the principall Actor in the tyring-house, till the Play be done, and then to bring him on the Stage onely to speake the Epilogue, and receive the Plaudites.
Anointed by the Almighty, Hacket would "not onely establish the Gospell in all kingdomes, but all Kings and Princes should also yeelde their scepters unto him, and hee shoulde bee established chiefe king over all Europe" (Cosin 22).
In the introduction to A dolorous discourse of a most terrible and bloudy battel fought in Barbaric (London, 1578), the anonymous chronicler informs his readers that "In this countrye are manie Jewes enhabiting, in whose handes consisteth the most parte of the trafique of the country, being the onely marchantes of sugers, mallasses, and other ritche marchandize which the same yeldeth: for the which they paye great sums of money to the King.
20) 3 "(as wormes in a Library) seeme onely "like wormes in Libraries to live but for to destroy learning" seeme to live onely to (A3v) destroy learning" (DM Ded.
which passed for currant, not in regard of the mettal onely, but
But praysed be the God of Hostes, of our English ships onely some 7 are worse for beyng by youre Maiestyes politike commandment" ([20.
And all oure contencion and striefe is onely aboute the sense or meanynge of it.
So, as they be not onely parteners of theyr nobilitie, but resemble them also, in imitacion of their dedes: Not only evening but euen surmounting them.
The story of the Jew in a privy is primally relevant to Reformation anti-Catholicism; it illustrates, in Foxe's words, "the blind superstition of that tyme, not onely among the Jewes, but also among the Christians.
See here the Presidesse o'th pilfring Trade, Mercuryes second, Venus's onely Mayd.
The author of any evill," says the thinly veiled Stubbes-mouthpiece Amphilogus, "is not onely giltie before God of the evill committed, but also of all the evill, which springeth of the same.
But onely this being seated in the middle of waters, hath not any thing vppo the earth, to which it may be resembled, the rare situation thereof being such, that it inioyeth both the commodities of the water, and the pleasures of the land, secure by being not seated vpon land, fro land assaults, and free by not being founded in the depthes of the sea, from maritime violence.