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And the like power haue Kings: they make and vnmake their subiects: they haue power of raising, and casting downe: of life, and of death: Iudges ouer all their subjects and in all causes, and yet accomptable to none but God onely" (King James VI and I, Political Writings, 181).
(28) Drake ends his dedicatory letter to Queen Elizabeth in Sir Francis Drake Revived with a comparable equation between travelling and writing, recalling his 'labour [...] not onely in Travell by Sea and Land, but also in writing the Report thereof, a worke to him [ie.
Experiments conducted in the Royal Society are practiced "not onely by the hands of Learned and profess'd Philosophers but from the Shops of Mechanicks, from the Voyages of Merchants, from the Ploughs of Husbandmen, from the Sports, the Fishponds, the Parks, the Gardens of Gentlemen" and in a word, "men of various Studies" (Sprat 164-65).
Whether or not the gentry were entirely happy about it, the distinction posed in Edward Waterhouse's declaration of 1663 could scarcely be sustained in practice: 'With us we have onely French dancing and Country dancing used by the best rank of people.
At the end of Paradise Lost, Milton has Adam explain that he will limit the choices he makes because he has learned that "to obey is best, / And love with fear the onely God" (12.561-62).
Mataelogus noted that "our townes men" perceived that the minister "would have all men ruled by him." While the godly were resisting pelagianism and anti-Calvinism, there was a counterpoint portrayed in Granger's dialogue: "almost none of our substantiall men care for him, nor any that is Wise, onely a few ignorant base fellowes favour him" and they for food and drink.
But the barbarous policie whereby this tyrannie is sustayned, doth differ from all other: guided by the heads, and strengthned by the hands of his slaves, who thinke it is as great an honour to be so, as they doe with us that serve in the Courts of Princes: the Naturall (to be so called a reproach) being rarely employed in command of service: amongst whom there is no Nobilitie of bloud, no knowne parentage, kindred, nor hereditary possessions, but as it were of the Sultans creation, depending upon him onely for their sustenance and preferments.
So that it is evident, that whatsoever we believe, upon no other reason, then what is drawn from authority of men onely, and their writings; whether they be sent from God or not, is Faith in men onely (Ibid., 49).
Pp Perhaps the most important post-rock act of them all, Mogwai have been quietly (but n actual terms REALLY noisily) ploughing their own, brutally onely, furrow for more than 15 years.
Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee) is a onely, bullied 12-year-old with a errible haircut and a drunken sinle mum, who's intrigued by the arrival next door of a young girl and what seems to be her father Richard Jenkins).
"He could not endure that warre should be made for religion, and was wont to say: That it was a deadly sinne, to seeke to force mens consciences, that which belongs to God onely." This theological opinion favoring religious toleration was known to many in England.
Another justification of non-realistic and non-classical representation is found in Sidney's Defence of Poesie, where he states that a poem is a "speaking Picture with this end to teach and delight" (9), (4) and that this picture is based on a kind of "imitation" that means to "borrow nothing of what is, hath bin, or shall be, but range onely reined with learned discretion, into the divine consideration of what may be and should be" (10).