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NOTES, practice. Short statements of what transpires on the trial of a cause; they are generally made by the judge and the counsel, for their Own satisfaction.
     2. They are not, per se, evidence on another trial, not being in the nature of a deposition. 4 Binn. R. 110. But such notes were admitted in a court of equity as evidence of what had been stated by a witness at the trial of an action at law. 3 Y. & C. 413., And a verdict was amended, in a court of law, from the notes of the judges. 11 Ad. & El. 179; S. C. 39 Eng. C L R. 38; see 5 Whart. 156; 5 Watts & S. 51.
     3. Notaries formerly made notes, matrix, by abbreviations, from which they made their records, and engrossed the acts which were passed before them. This original is now called the minutes. The notes of the prothonotaries and clerks of courts are called minutes.

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