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Lenders and consumers have shown strong interest in the OneRate program in California, according to Dufficy.
OneRate is "basically taking that idea on the title and settlement side--we're just talking about closing the transaction.
Dufficy sees OneRate as a feasible option for both large and small lenders.
OneRate differs from OneFee because it's presented as a third-party-provider service, Dufficy says.
The OneRate plan can eliminate some of the lenders' risk, he adds.
OneRate subscribers call a single toll-free number to order HP toner and to report printer malfunctions.
The CDW/Danka OneRate program will eliminate one more diversion from that principal focus, capping our printing costs at a pre-determined level while enabling our internal IT staff to concentrate on more pressing matters.
Regardless of fluctuations in labor and printing supply costs, OneRate enables customers to pre-establish their printing costs so they can more accurately plan for other technology needs.
In the future, OneRate may be expanded to encompass products from other manufacturers
The OneRate program, through our partnership with CDW, is another example of how Danka's strategy of Managed Print Services can dramatically improve our customers' bottom-line," said Todd Mavis, president and chief executive officer for Danka.