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Dufficy is also overseeing the expansion of the division's bundling and OneRate initiatives, and the consolidation of its property information, equity and first-mortgage operations.
The OneRate plan gives "a simplified, all-inclusive price for all aspects [of the closing], with just a few limitations like recording and governmental-type charges," Dufficy says.
Lenders and consumers have shown strong interest in the OneRate program in California, according to Dufficy.
OneRate caps toner and printing maintenance costs over one, two or three years with a single invoice.
OneRate subscribers call a single toll-free number to order HP toner and to report printer malfunctions.
Under the OneRate plan, a rate is calculated based on the team composition that Latitude Consulting estimates is required to successfully complete the customer's proposed project.
With the OneRate plan, clients can use lower cost resources for certain tasks with assurance of high-quality fulfillment and delivery.
the OneWorld OneRate Club(TM) and the CityConnex Service(TM) -- that
The Plan Off-Peak Peak Monthly Fee Real Rate AT&T OneRate $.
Metrocall's direct and retail sales force and other distribution channels currently market AT&T's Digital OneRate service plans in thirty-five (35) cities in twenty-two (22) states.
Subminute billing is available on all of the following AT&T Business Services: VTNS, SDN, OneNet, UniPlan, OneRate, CustomNet, Option S.
Snier also onerates a cheetah outreach programme, and visitors can get close to the hand-reared animals.