Onerous contract

ONEROUS CONTRACT, civil law. One made for a consideration given or promised, however small. Civ. Code of Lo. art. 1767.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The picture for the Offshore Energy market has not changed and the second half year is expected to be comparable to the first half year, adjusted for the onerous contract provisions.
Onerous Contract Provisions (OCPs) are running off as we expected and the residual liability now stands at [pounds sterling]27m, which compares to [pounds sterling]447m as at December 2014; the residual cash liability is likely to be [pounds sterling]50-[pounds sterling]55m.
* A negative -136 million [euro] related to A380 programme cost, of which -75 million [euro] was booked in Q2 2019, as part of Airbus' continuous assessment of assets recoverability and the quarterly review of onerous contract provision assumptions;
The COA urged the TPB to 'identify the persons liable [for] this onerous contract and institute appropriate legal action against them, if warranted.'
"Identify the persons liable to this onerous contract and institute appropriate legal action against them, if warranted," said COA.
The group also said its bottom line was affected by costs of the Mobile Phones Direct business, as well as an onerous contract it was unable to exit in Germany.
It is understood that the [pounds sterling]112.2m wage bill for the Championship contained both a [pounds sterling]9.9m bonus - paid to the players, Benitez, every club employee barmanaging director Lee Charnley, as well as to NUFC Foundation staff - and also [pounds sterling]22m worth of 'onerous contract provisions'.
The recognition of the onerous contract provision as well as other specific provisions and the remeasurement of the liabilities have led to a negative impact on EBIT of EURO$ -463 million and a positive impact on the other financial result of EURO$ 177 million.
The period included onerous contract costs of PS1.1m which are not replicated in this year's figure.
From an adversarial attitude to poorly worded and onerous contract terms, there is no shortage of reasons for experts to point to as the primary cause of contractual disputes in the region.
In addition, the firm was stung by an onerous contract provision linked to the TransPennine Express rail franchise.
In addition to this, almost PS22m worth of wages have been included as "onerous contract provisions".