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3) In Macroeconomics, the first online quiz (covering Keynesian economics and related concepts) yielded an average score of 66.
The online quiz is designed to help teens come up with their own plans for avoiding pregnancy.
We encourage quiz buffs to participate in the online quiz in large numbers," said a spokesperson for the event.
Telecom is sponsoring an interactive online quiz, as segment of Connect Smart Week, a project introduced by the New Zealand government.
It added: "This will help parents have a conversation with their children about their new devices - and our online quiz is a simple and engaging way to get kids thinking about how much their phone could cost.
has resulted in an online quiz, product lines, kindness meters, and a whole lot more.
A NEW online quiz has been designed to help people decide what NHS services should be used for different situations.
Summary: A total of 17,000 students from 81 schools across the UAE participated in one of the largest online quiz competitions hosted in the country.
In addition, the winner of a new Mitsubishi ASX Crossover, donated by Al Zayani Investments, will be announced from among those members of the public who have taken part in an online quiz at www.
uk Test your footballing knowledge with our weekly online quiz.
It's the first ever online quiz designed to let people estimate how sure they are of their answers and score more highly if they don't ignore their uncertainty but realistically assess it," said project leader Dr David Newman.
The initial online quiz pitched participants 100 multiple choice questions with a maximum of 20 seconds per question to answer.

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