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In the "Woof" sections (numbered one to four), in which Chafe reports the online conversations he has with his friend, the author skilfully switches from chats, instant messages, texts, and e-mails.
Maybe you could take your own online conversations o-line too?
The poll shows that two of the three most critical mistakes that job seekers make are having an incomplete public profile, and not having active online conversations.
Gilman denied touching a 12-year-old female student, but said his online conversations with the girl would make it appear that he had, a jury was told Thursday.
All that's required is the permission of both girls' parents, which allows online conversations in real time without any moderation delays.
MarketMeSuite and MOO believe that small businesses and professionals will use Social Cards to help close sales cycles, nurture long term leads and capitalize on opportunities over social media that would otherwise be missed by filling the social gap between offline meetings and online conversations.
DAILY online conversations in Cardiff are brought to life in Brendan Dawes' new artwork.
For example, while analyzing online conversations about automated teller machines, the company discovered numerous conversations about First Fidelity Bank (assets: $1.
Using the approach that humans are the best analysts of online conversations, more than robots or algorithms, Buzzdetector goes far beyond brand monitoring: it analyzes and interprets online conversations, extracting intelligent and impactful results for its client companies.
Chapters are organized by specific media or genres of research production: film and video (particularly documentary); visual media and graphics (photovoice, cartoons, and poster exhibits); exhibits and installations; audio (from radio to music to digital documentaries); periodicals (op-eds, ethnodramas, and autoethnography); books and reports; dialogues through web cafes, online conversations, and Web 2.
MUMBAI -- Coinciding with the recent news of Apples' record-breaking profit, its iPad dominated online conversations related to tablets across the Indian social media space, according to NM Incite, a Nielsen McKinsey company.
That is the message from two pediatricians, Philip Glick and Sani Yamout, who coauthored an article published in the Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons, urging physicians to participate in online conversations about diseases and patient care--discussions frequently dominated by lay people and inaccurate information.

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