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From January to September, the customs office has received 1,263 reports and inquiries about various online scams.
Scareware is one of the most prevalent, dangerous and sophisticated online scams, victimizing an estimated one million people around the world every day, Green said.
Web surfers have fallen victim to an online scam, according to a recent Microsoft-commissioned survey.
Along with other security tips on its Web site, the company provides a definition of phishing, what consumers should look for to spot a scam, how to decrease their risk of becoming a victim, how to report an online scam, a list of recent phishing attacks and where to seek further information about the scams.
The survey, carried out in Scotland by Barclays, found a fifth have fallen victim to an online scam or fraud.
who portrays the character of Iron Man/Tony Stark in Marvel Cinematic Universe, warned fans for an online scam where someone or multiple people are attempting to impersonate him.
Dubai: Emirates airline on Monday said that it is investigating an online scam being circulated on social media.
The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) on Wednesday announced the arrest of a Nigerian national involved in an online scam.
HUNDREDS of thousands of Irish Netflix subscribers have been targeted in an elaborate online scam.
RYANAIR has warned Facebook users about an online scam for free tickets.
AN ONLINE scam, where buyers are conned out of thousands of pounds for trendy campervans that do not exist, has been linked to Birmingham.
I don't fancy paying for your air fair from Nigeria or Burkina Faso or getting stung by an online scam.

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