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Once on a summer night when he was eighteen, he had walked with her on a coun- try road and in her presence had given way to an impulse to boast, to make himself appear big and significant in her eyes.
During the day she was happy, but when night came on she began to grow restless.
The summer evening together that had left its mark on the memory of both the young man and woman had, when looked at quite sensibly, been rather stupidly spent.
Young men with shining red faces walked awkwardly about with girls on their arms.
Although he had also been raised in an Ohio town, the instructor began to put on the airs of the city.
The Fair Ground stands on top of a low hill rising out of the valley of Wine Creek and from the grand-stand one can see at night, over a cornfield, the lights of the town reflected against the sky.
He drew a moral on this occasion from his own gratuity.
On they flowed from their parent source, as slowly and as smoothly as ever!
Show me a woman--and I'll show ye a man not far off wha' has mair expenses on his back than he ever bairgained for.
The view on the moor was fast disappearing in mist and darkness.
he asked, as the sound of the thunder died away grandly, and the hard pattering of the rain on the window became audible once more.
She rose, and stamped her foot impatiently on the floor.