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However, even when only a single follicle is punctured, oocyte retrieval can be painful.
For each cycle, men whose female partner was undergoing IVF or IUI provided one spot urine sample at the time of oocyte retrieval or insemination, respectively.
From a medical standpoint, this case of postmortem oocyte retrieval is fraught with difficulty.
Comparison of different transvaginal ovum pick-up protocols to optimise oocyte retrieval and embryo production over a 10-week period in cows.
The drops were prepared in Falcon #3002 Petri dishes (Becton-Dickinson Labware, Lincoln Park, NJ) one to three hours prior to oocyte retrieval with media that were equilibrated overnight in a 36.
Women who underwent oocyte retrieval at our institution between August 1995 and February 1997 and agreed to participate in the study were enrolled consecutively.
Table 1 gives an overview of the mean number of days of stimulation, the mean of the total number of ampoules of FSH used during the stimulation, the mean of the final E2 concentrations before oocyte retrieval, and the mean of the daily percent E2 increase.
Rather than rely on daily ultrasound tests and injections of fertility medicine, the new technique, immature oocyte retrieval and maturation, removes the egg from the ovary for fertilization and then places it back in the mother, says Gleicher.
Russell and his colleagues at the Reproductive Endocrine and Fertility Center of Delaware in Newark, say the technique, called immature oocyte retrieval, promises to reduce the risks, costs, and discomforts of IVF.
In IVC, following ovulation induction and oocyte retrieval, the oocytes are identified and consolidated into a tiny tube filled completely with culture medium.
Three cycles from GnRH antagonist during early and late follicular phase group, three cycles from GnRH antagonist (flexible) group and six cycles from GnRH agonist group were cancelled after oocyte retrieval.