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The Open Group officially launched their Accreditation Program last week in San Francisco and organizations can now download the O-TTPS v1.
The rate of complications was significantly less in the robotic group than in the open group (3% vs.
Shift Technologies will also use its existing relationships with companies in the region to recruit additional memberships for The Open Group Arabia and expand the awareness of interoperability between IT and business, enterprise architecture and security issues with local companies.
We are pleased to collaborate with The Open Group to guarantee our server's interoperability with LDAP clients.
The Open Group, a vendor-neutral and technology-neutral consortium, has a vision of Boundaryless Information Flow achieved through global interoperability in a secure, reliable and timely manner.
For more information on FACE Consortium and The Open Group, visit www.
The development of updated certification criteria is part of our members' continuing mission to maintain the value of the UNIX trademark, which The Open Group holds in trust for the industry," noted Allen Brown, president and CEO of The Open Group.
With initial work in the Emerging Technologies Pillar to focus on wireless and mobile technology, Motorola brings to The Open Group the expertise of an industry leader in delivering wireless and mobile technology and devices to the industry.
CA's Architect Academy Program is built on the company's Solution Architecture Methodology, which was recently certified by The Open Group.
Allen Brown, President and CEO of The Open Group, says: "The certification of MooD illustrates the evolution of enterprise architecture from its origins in the world of IT towards the wider challenges of business integration, transformation and performance.
We appreciate the opportunity The Open Group has presented to us to have our documentation reflect the POSIX standard, which has been widely adopted in the IT community.
Interpeak is honored to join the roster of members of The Open Group," commented Johan Fornaeus, Interpeak's CEO.