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For this reason Shell is invested in the Open Group IT4IT Forum with the aim to share expertise and jointly design a comprehensive and integrated model for managing the business of IT.
Huawei s Global Chief Security Officer, John Suffolk, said that the Open Group effort is a perfect example of the kind of international standard with an accompanying independent accreditation program, which private companies and governments around the world should consider participating in so that we can move more quickly towards a fact-based, risk-informed approach to the global cyber security challenge.
This makes The Open Group Arabia the second franchise formed on behalf of The Open Group this year and the fifth international franchise for the organisation, with other franchisees located in China, France, Japan and South Africa.
The Apache Directory project continues its commitment to the LDAP product standard, thanks to the ongoing support of The Open Group.
The Association of Open Group Enterprise Architects will help ensure that the profession evolves in line with globally recognized benchmarks of excellence and ethical standards - key requirements for continued innovation in this field over time.
The updated program is expected to be launched during 2003, and builds on the foundations of Version 3 of the Single UNIX Specification, the core of which was developed by the Austin Group and is jointly both an Open Group Technical Standard and IEEE Std 1003.
The Open Group IT Architect Certification program certifies IT Architects who meet an open standard for skills and experience.
A significant value to The Open Group in this new venture is the ability to utilize APMG's team of experienced multi-lingual assessors who are based throughout the world.
ForeScout will support the goals of The Open Group and Jericho Forum through its knowledge and experience of securing large enterprise networks and its intellectual property from both internal and external threats.
Motorola will contribute immediately to The Open Group as a co-founder of the Emerging Technologies Pillar and as a co-sponsor of the Mobile Commerce 2000 Conference being held in London.
YORK, England -- Salamander today announces that its MooD Transformation Technology has achieved certification for TOGAF 8 - the latest release of The Open Group Architecture Framework.
SAN FRANCISCO, March 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Open Group today announced that Inspur, the leading provider of Cloud Computing solutions in China, became the first Chinese company to have a product certified to The Open Group UNIX 03 standard.