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According to the Open Listings survey, 73 percent said they would pursue home renovations if they were given $10,000, with the remaining 27 percent saying they would spend it towards a down payment on a new home.
Buyers who use Open Listings will also receive a discount on the home purchased through a commission rebate of up to 50 percent.
13 September 2018 - San Francisco, US-based online real estate marketplace Opendoor has acquired California-based Open Listings, a platform for homebuyers that makes it easier and lower-cost to find, tour and buy any home on the market, the company said.
"Thousands of rental brokers are competing to get clients by posting open listings, many of which are not true or accurate, for example by saying 'no fee' when there really is a fee."
He noted that landlords' alternatives to traditional exclusive brokerages include open listings, listings with multiple brokerage firms and online listings at sites such as Craigslist.
However, in the real world, where brokers are pitching open listings to cold call potential buyers, this is not always possible.
The new Web site will offer the most updated information about available sales and rentals in New York City with no "bait and switch" tactics, no pop-up advertisements, no for-sale-by-owner listings, and no open listings.
The categories can range from open listings, exclusive listings, auctions, sealed bids, you name it.