Open Shop

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Open Shop

A business in which union and nonunion workers are employed. A business in which union membership is not a condition of securing or maintaining employment.

The term open shop is frequently used to imply that the operator of this type of shop is, in effect, exercising discrimination against trade unions and hampering their advancement through the employment of nonunion employees.


Labor Union.

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Employing open shop construction in public agencies will not win elected officials accolades or endorsements from the politically active building trade unions.
For 80 percent of the work force, the path to a more rewarding career is working for an open shop or starting our own building trades business.
Louis Newspaper Guild leadership has said, repeatedly, it will not agree to an open shop.
Historians have previously examined the "open shop drive," which was initiated by employers in Cincinnati in 1901 and subsequently spread throughout the country, primarily by studying the role of the judiciary and of large corporations in combating trade unions.
With access to the Roundtable's archives, Linder explains how the Roundtable fostered the nonunion sector's growth by holding its members accountable for redirecting work toward open shop contractors and enabling those contractors to perform ever larger and more complicated projects.
In 1970, only 30 percent of the country's contracting firms were open shops; by 1987 they had taken over 70 percent of the marketplace, according to the Associated Builders and Contractors.
A feature of the award is continuation of a "market recovery program" under which the union adjusts rates on projects to enable employers to compete more effectively with open shop and nonunion employers.
Most of that work was handled by nonunion or open shop firms who don't require their subcontractors to be unionized.
But, beyond a door saying 'Perfectionists welcome', there's a very warm welcome from the friendly staff inside their clean, open shop.
intend to buy a bank charter and open shop in North Little Rock.