Open Shop

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Open Shop

A business in which union and nonunion workers are employed. A business in which union membership is not a condition of securing or maintaining employment.

The term open shop is frequently used to imply that the operator of this type of shop is, in effect, exercising discrimination against trade unions and hampering their advancement through the employment of nonunion employees.


Labor Union.

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You will see it creep into the commercial work because I, for one, am watching some very, very talented builders in my peer group, let's call it, opening exclusive open shop firms," he said during the panel.
Genetic Algorithms for open shop scheduling and re-scheduling, Universidad de Nevada.
As full-time employees of our companies, open shop workers draw a regular salary and benefits whether work is hectic or slow.
It is also committed to providing ABC members with a competitive advantage in the industry through management training and networking opportunities, and providing open shop contractors with the premier construction-training program in the state.
With access to the Roundtable's archives, Linder explains how the Roundtable fostered the nonunion sector's growth by holding its members accountable for redirecting work toward open shop contractors and enabling those contractors to perform ever larger and more complicated projects.
The high unemployment was partly attributable to competition from open shop and nonunion contractors.
Murphy's firm has provided evidence of the growing popularity of the open shop model.
She's also quick to say that $1,000 isn't enough to open shop, even though she now has 40 employees and manages over $1 billion in construction projects.
His proof is the person and career of Walter Drew, the foremost open shop crusader of his day.
Bryce management admits it has looked at the Aeroquip building but flatly denies there are plans to open shop at Heber Springs.
After an initial three-week training session, Staten was ready to open shop in 1991.