Open Shop

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Open Shop

A business in which union and nonunion workers are employed. A business in which union membership is not a condition of securing or maintaining employment.

The term open shop is frequently used to imply that the operator of this type of shop is, in effect, exercising discrimination against trade unions and hampering their advancement through the employment of nonunion employees.


Labor Union.

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As full-time employees of our companies, open shop workers draw a regular salary and benefits whether work is hectic or slow.
ABC has seen the accomplishments of the open shop craftsperson first-hand.
The high unemployment was partly attributable to competition from open shop and nonunion contractors.
The open shop contractors testifying at today's hearing pointed out the dire economic consequences union salting abuses have had on their companies," said John Jennings, president, Associated Builders and Contractors.
ABC, an 18,000-member organization of open shop contractors, had filed an amicus brief on behalf of its member firm, Town & Country Electric, Appleton, Wis.
While Bruckner said official response has been positive, the City Council is exceedingly cautious when considering requests from businesses and organizations to open shop in downtown Newhall.
ABC is a national construction association representing 16,000 open shop construction and construction-related firms in 80 chapters across the United States.
ABC represents more than 16,000 open shop construction and construction-related firms in 80 chapters across the country.
This is especially important because an increasing number of smaller construction jobs employ open shop, or non-union labor.
Eventually, Ulloa plans to invite the Small Business Administration and other economic-development groups to open shop at WorkForce Connection.
The National Registry of Craftworkers is open for business, thus making it easier for open shop contractors to verify the training levels of new or prospective employees.
Reeve pointed out that the majority of open shop construction employers are already providing health insurance to their employers.