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There's reason to mourn the passing of the open outcry era, however, and it's not simply nostalgia.
The decision to close open outcry futures trading was originally announced in February after floor volumes had fallen to just one percent of the company's total futures volume.
Further, allowing open outcry trading to continue during a Globex outage would create at least the potential for significant market moves to occur without providing equal access to all market participants seeking to offset risk.
We are committed to enhancing open outcry by making it more efficient and competitive by using technology such as OBMS--we encourage other FCMs and brokers to take a look at what this system has to offer.
IPE's long dominance of Brent means its electronic contract will ultimately win out over NYMEX's open outcry version, and maintain a trend of financial markets which have gone all-electronic.
The exchange has no plan to scrap the open outcry trading system of these products.
The site could be the largest single asset ever sold at an open outcry real estate auction in the history of the world," said Michael E.
4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- As open outcry futures trading has fallen to just one percent of the company's total futures volume, CME Group today announced it will close most of its futures trading pits in Chicago and New York by July 2, 2015.
Under the open outcry system, orders are taken over the telephone by brokers and transmitted to traders in the relevant pit.
In this regard, the open outcry of bids is a form of insurance against threats to the integrity of trading: An auction in real time makes active manipulation more difficult.
The sale took place in an open outcry auction at the Hotel Orrington in Evanston.
held by the same owner, will be offered by Sheldon Good & Company at an open outcry auction, April 18 at 7 p.