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OPEN POLICY. An open policy is one in which the amount of the interest of the insured is not fixed by the policy, and is to be ascertained in case of loss. Vide Policy.

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BBK has adopted a communication disclosure policy consistent with Basel II requirements and follows an open policy on communication with its stakeholders, said bank chief executive Abdulkarim Bucheeri.
This calls for proactive government policies and strategies for the development of indigenous capabilities of national enterprise and therefore a more open policy space for developing countries ideally accompanied by changes in the international trade rules and practices of the international financial institutions and developed countries in their bilateral and regional trade agreements with developing countries.
Hafez said in a statement that the disclosure was part of the government's keenness on an open policy to keep citizens up-to-date on any new measures or policies and promote candor and real public participation in the national responsibility.
Regulation hasn't helped matters either, and we have a particularly open policy towards investment that isn't street-wise enough.
According to the source, "the school management apologised for the incident and said that it was a personal act by a teacher that did not reflect the open policy of the academic institution.
DUBAI, October 17, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz has called for following an open policy and holding talks with others without accepting pressure as mere political statements would not resolve the problems.
In a statement earlier this week, Chris Baldock, general manager of the Symphony Hall, said: "We have a general open policy as regards all faith groups and have therefore accepted a booking from John Hagee Ministries.
Chris Baldock, Symphony Hall's general manager, said: "We have a general open policy as regards all faith groups.
A spokesman said: "What also makes this Platform unique is the open policy, inviting all dance-artists working in Wales to take part, not just a selected few filtered through a critical or curatorial eye.
Slajdzic eulogized Turkey's foreign policy and said that Turkey pursued an open policy for all parts.