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Based on statistics from 78 million active monthly users of Opera Max, the average data savings on popular social media apps are up to 60% for Instagram, 50% for Pinterest and 40% for LINE, BBM and Zalo.
With privacy mode in Opera Max, users can encrypt all app data and browsing traffic on Wi-Fi with a tap of a button.
We keep fine tuning the streaming-audio-optimization technology in Opera Max, so people can save more data while enjoying good audio quality," Opera product manager Sergey Lossev writes in today's announcement.
Don't worry about the high data usage on 4G as the tablet comes pre-loaded with Opera Max which will help users consume less data to browse the same content.
Plant protection OPERA MAX 147,5SE or equivalent in the amount of 55 liters, ex warehouse Employer ZD Pawlowice.
First We downloaded the following apps - Opera Max, Netflix and My Data Manager.
Currently 14 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) including Samsung and Xiaomi have embedded Opera Max on their smartphones.
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Well Opera Max uses Rocket Optimizer, a technology that converts MP3 and MP4 based music stream to AAC+.
Opera Max uses streaming audio optimization powered by Rocket Optimizer, which manages streaming audio traffic in the same way that it optimizes video traffic.
This has been made possible by App Pass, an innovative new feature for Opera Max, the mobile data-savings and management app from Opera Software.
To meet rapidly changing demands by end users, Opera Software has deployed Opera Max and Opera Rocket Optimizer solutions for mobile video on bare metal servers from SoftLayer, an IBM company, to enable the Oslo-based company to install and manage its own software in a single-tenant environment.