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MARKET VALUE IS WHAT OTHERS HAVE PAID for comparable businesses; asset value is how much it would cost to acquire the operating assets of the client's company; and income value is how much money a buyer could make from the business.
Thus, it is not known whether S1's operating assets transferred in the contribution were transferred solely to new S1 or sprinkled among the transferees.
The IRS found that X'S assumption of PRS's liabilities and the subsequent distribution of PRS's operating assets were properly characterized as a sale when viewed together.
Most businesses make constant changes in their operating assets and activities.
If classified as intangibles, emission allowances are carried as noncurrent operating assets at cost less amortization, according to the provisions of Accounting Principles Board Opinion no.
has entered into an agreement to purchase substantially all of the operating assets (other than real property interests) of Niles Iron & Metal Company Inc.
B's only assets are $1,000 of operating assets and $450 of working capital.
Lombard, Illinois, has agreed to sell its operating assets to TCF Railco Acquisition Corp.
The rating considers the company's position as a holding company with no operating assets but the ability to receive dividends from its copper mining holding company AMC and its railway subsidiary, GFM, which account for about 90% and 10% respectively of Grupo Mexico's consolidated EBITDA in 2006.
has acquired the operating assets of the American company ITI Inc.
The transaction results in a reduction in P&O's property net operating assets and its share of joint venture and associate net debt by approximately GBP30 million.
Immediately after the merger and as part of a plan that includes the merger, T sells 50% of its operating assets for $z to X, an unrelated corporation.

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