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Table: Worldwide Server Operating Environment Paid New License Shipments/Subscriptions and Nonpaid Deployments, 2008-2017: Comparison of August 2012 and September 2013 Forecasts (000)
In addition, the Negative Outlook reflects MGM's recent capital allocation decisions in the context of a pressured operating environment and difficult credit market conditions that have been detrimental to the credit profile.
IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell are all shipping workstations and low-end servers with the Linux operating environment.
Sun Educational Services today announced that the number of students trained on the Solaris Operating Environment has increased over 40% in the past year.
Fusion Dynamic's flagship DynamicOE operating environment delivers the service-oriented infrastructure to data centers.
The Argentine economy has recovered well since the 2001 crisis, benefiting the operating environment for banks, with growing deposits and lending.
Fusion Dynamic's DynamicOE offers a near-turnkey operating environment that provides end-to-end service modeling; dynamic binding of applications, servers, network, and storage; automated provisioning and availability management from high-level, service-oriented models; replication of service models across data centers (i.
Leveraging capabilities in new level 11 releases of the OS2200 and MCP operating environments, these high-end advanced systems boost performance by more than 40 percent and 30 percent, respectively, over predecessor models and give customers a range of options for improved cost of ownership.
The development of the EV-MPact(SM) Services Suite enables KeyLogic to provide EVM services more quickly and efficiently to customers in need, regardless of their current operating environment.
Beyond these legal issues, there are a number of continuing negative pressures on the industry including extensive smoking bans which dampen demand, rising excise taxes which continue to raise per pack costs and reduce pricing flexibility, and a competitive operating environment.
A full array of call-handling and computer-aided dispatch (CAD) equipment mirroring today's typical public safety answering point (PSAP) operating environment will be available -- critical to ensure real-world operational efficacy.
It provides a complete operating environment, incorporating operating system(1), middleware and core framework functionality and the application interfaces (e.

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