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In addition, the company is actively working with tier 1 software and hardware vendors to embed portions of its highly-modular technology into their products, allowing such companies to "OEM" portions -- or all -- of the operating environment, and is actively expanding this program.
The operating environment implements service management policies across heterogeneous operating systems and virtual operating systems that can include Linux, Windows, and various security OS images.
They represent the latest offerings in Unisys move toward its next-generation, Intel-based open architecture that seamlessly hosts the ClearPath OS2200 and MCP operating environments, as well as Microsoft Windows and Linux, in a fully virtualized environment.
The ratings upgrade incorporates the improvements discussed above in PM USA's litigation and operating environments.
added, "We support PrismTech's efforts to provide a pre-integrated SCA operating environment, Spectra OE, running on LynxOS and applaud their efforts to dramatically reduce integration complexity for SCA users.
The common operating environment they're developing combines the best of edge- and center-based technologies to meet their complex and evolving mission.
Not only are we continuing to offer a secure operating environment, but operating on Linux opens the door to a wider customer base.
Our Business Ready Data Center solution, as integrated with IBM's on-demand operating environment, brings the network computing strengths of both companies together for the benefit of our mutual customers.
IBM's on demand operating environment offers a set of integration and infrastructure management capabilities that customers and partners can utilize, in a modular and incremental fashion, to enable the transformation to e-business on demand.
Integrating IBM's eServer Clusters and Cluster System Management (CSM) tools with DataSynapse's GridServer(TM) software, the Cluster offering migrates application servicing to an integrated high-performance Linux cluster operating environment.

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