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The Future Operating Environment (FOE) is a composite of the conditions, circumstances, and influences that may affect the employment of the joint force and abide by the decisions of a commander.
Industry representatives listening in on the presentation at Milcom asked panelists who would be creating and maintaining the common operating environment. They expressed skepticism that the Army could do it alone and do away with the contractors who must co-locate with soldiers.
The report, "The Operating Environment for Distribution Companies", can be downloaded free from under Documentation/Catalogue in the Publications section.
Members of the Committee must have a working knowledge of the organization's operating environment and, in the sole judgment of the Board, demonstrate proficiency in general business practices.
Under the combination of the Sun Solaris Operating Environment and Oracle Enterprise Database Platform, the VitalNet 9.0 system can scale more than 10m network ports, all represented from a single web interface, according to Lucent.
Fujitsu Limited recently announced the immediate worldwide availability of the Solaris 9 Operating Environment (OE) on its SPARC64 GP-based PRIMEPOWER range of servers for business-critical computing.
Sure, we could find a part that would work right off the shelf, but would it survive the first trap or the Arabian Sea operating environment?"
(NASDAQ:SUNW), Santa Clara, Calif., a leader in systems and solutions that make the net work, has introduced the Solaris(TM) 9 Operating Environment (Solaris OE).
Oracle (NASDAQ:ORCL), Redwood Shores, Calif., one of the world's largest enterprise software companies, now supports Sun Microsystems' (NASDAQ:SUNW) latest update to its UNIX operating system, Solaris 9 Operating Environment. Solaris 9 is optimized for Oracle9i Real Application Clusters via Sun Clustering, which allows resource management and provisioning of portions of the SunPlex environment.
The leading operating environment for network servers, Solaris OE is the foundation of the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) -- an open, integratable product stack designed to enable the infrastructure required for robust services on demand.
Systems and people deserve stability, but how can we attain stability when the operating environment is moving faster and faster?
To ensure ESC sets the pace with technology, we have adopted strategic goals that include achieving acquisition cycles of eighteen months or less from program start to first item delivery; developing systems that are fully interoperable using the Defense Information Infrastructure common operating environment; and reducing the cost of command and control system acquisition.

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