operating expenses

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This study also found that reducing operating expenses to 0.
The commissions paid by cellular telephone companies are another example of a routine recurring operating expense that might lead to customers' continuing to do business on a long-term basis.
Increases in operating expenses were also less downtown.
In contrast, operating expenses for townhouses (26 percent of the survey sample) last year declined 2.
Significant cash reserves should be on hand to cover at least one half of a year's operating expenses.
An expenditure that does not meet the capital cost test is a current expense because it benefits the current, not future periods, and is to be included in operating expenses.
Negatively impacted by rising operating expenses, real estate taxes and concessions, landlord effective rents--which deduct operating expenses, real estate taxes, tenant electricity, concessions and commissions--declined by 15.
There are two primary types of leases when it comes to a discussion of escalations: Net leases, in which the tenant is responsible for all operating and some or all capital costs; and Gross leases, in which the tenant is only responsible for increases in operating expenses above some predetermined base.

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