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Because buprenorphine has high affinity and slowly dissociates from the receptors, it can "block" or prevent other opiate drugs with lesser receptor affinity but higher intrinsic activity, such as heroin, from reaching the receptor and producing an opiate effect.
For example, different ICU units used different mixtures of sedative and opiate drugs at varying doses.
BOSTON -- Legislation aimed at curbing an epidemic of heroin and opiate drug addiction set for a vote in the Senate today would require insurance companies to cover drug- and alcohol-abuse treatment with no prior authorization from an insurer.
Recent news reports regarding problems with and attempts to control opiate drug prescriptions are timely.
Pathologist Dr Emyr Owen said Mr Morgan's medical records showed he had been suffering from opiate drug depression and had been taking meth-adonand diazepam.
A CO-PROXAMOL is a combination of paracetamol and a synthetic opiate drug.
The underlying neurological reason that foods are addicting is actually simple: Because over salted and cooked (processed) foods--"addictive food"--yield the largest "mg" strength of opiate drug in the pleasure center of the brain, and accelerates overeating ("progression") and calorie consumption ("tolerance").
Worcester police reported 328 opiate drug overdoses in the city, with eight confirmed overdose deaths, in 2013.
He died on May 1, 2009, at home in Henderson, Nevada, from an adverse reaction to the opiate drug hydromorphone which he was prescribed for chronic pain.
Reporter Tony Barnes tested positive for an opiate drug like heroin - but the suspect chemicals were traced back to the poppy seed sandwich he had eaten earlier.
Peter Shumlin used his entire state of the state address earlier this month to focus on heroin and opiate drug addiction.
Blood tests also confirmed the presence of amphetamines, barbiturates, Valium, marijuana and an opiate drug in his system.