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We understand your concerns, but as you noted yourself, this was not a full-length feature but a column--by definition, an opinion piece, and limited in scope.
Since Mr Dornauf, in his opinion piece, had strayed quite markedly from the issue at stake, ie democracy and workers' rights, and into the "murky waters" of industrial relations, when he referred to both NZNO and Waikato Hospital in the same paragraph, I wondered why the Waikato Times took this stand.
Sultan, who wrote the opinion piece, said: "Al-Ahram is a state-run institution and it submits to pressure from 'sovereign' authorities.
Gulen, who rarely makes comments in public, accused the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) of a clampdown on civil society in an opinion piece published in the New York Times.
The ambassadors' complaints about Nedelkovski's hate speech to Minister Poposki have also been confirmed by Mirka Velinovska, a commentator and one of Nedelkovski's closest colleagues, in one of her opinion pieces.
Ifyour opinion piece is published in an online venue, which most are, you'll inevitably get hateful comments and the occasional mean-spirited email.
From afar I had to be content with reading The ECHO on line and I was glad to read Joe Riley's opinion piece about the campaign to have funds raised for a well deserved statue of Brian Epstein.
In a July opinion piece for The Globe and Mail, the Canadian actor, director and writer joined Farm Sanctuary and Humane Society International to ask the Canadian National Farm Animal Care Council to close the loopholes in its recent draft code of practice for the pork industry.
A carefully written, sequenced writing approach to building an opinion piece is presented for students age 8 and up.
According to reports t an opinion piece (pdf) published online in the journal Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism has found that diet sodas may be linked to a number of health problems from obesity to diabetes to heart disease, just like their more sugary counterparts.
For this reason China, despite the fact that it does not have a good reputation as far as internet governance is concerned, should move boldly and grant Snowden asylum," the opinion piece said.
He added that the interrogation focused on an opinion piece he had posted on 07 May 2013.

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