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* Opposable thumbs es el concepto de utilizar un tercer dedo para rotar el objeto sobre X y Y (flip) de forma que provee el control de todos los 6GDL.
Humans already have a tendency to anthropomorphize their pets, and here, tapping into the wish we all share to know what's going on in our animals' heads, screenwriters Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio (who have co-authored all of Illumination's features except "Minions"), along with Brian Lynch (who wrote "Minions"), take that impulse to the extreme, imbuing these critters with the ability to speak--along with a host of other behaviors that would normally require opposable thumbs and a fair understanding of modern electronics.
Alas, as the full-time whistle sounded Kyle Lafferty had still not developed opposable thumbs.
| Like humans, orangutans have opposable thumbs. Their big toes are also opposable.
How my best friend's cat manages to make such coherent updates despite his distinct lack of opposable thumbs is completely beyond me, and I'm even more impressed with the amazing wit which seems to be contained within a can of Dr Pepper.
It is also extremely surprising when one considers that crows lack opposable thumbs. In order to make the tool, crows would have to find the right branch with the right dimensions, trim the leaves and bark, and then shape the hook itself.
In truth, the reindeer's lack of opposable thumbs does hand the Manchester City and Barcelona stars a certain advantage - whatever Santa says.
People who study crows hold that they are extremely intelligent, even as intelligent as some species with opposable thumbs. But whatever is going on, their apparent advocacy at our birdfeeder as they champion for other birds makes me think.
These animals are capable of complex reasoning and social organization, and they can operate machine guns with their brand new opposable thumbs. Sebastian joins a troop of expert killer cats, becomes a famous warrior for the animal cause, and christens himself Mort(e) after the Arthurian tales he can suddenly, fervently read.
Its hands had strong opposable thumbs good for making and using tools, but also long curved fingers clearly adapted for climbing trees.
twisted opposable thumbs which look so foreign, so wrong, and feels