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AGGRESSOR, crim. law. He who begins, a quarrel or dispute, either by threatening or striking another. No man may strike another because he has threatened, or in consequence of the use of any words.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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TC 7-100.3, Irregular Opposing Forces, 17 January 2014.
Slap up-to-date, the intelligence assessment labels computer viruses as a potential opposing force, observing in clinical language that "the opposing force may be a virus inserted via the Internet or accidentally placed in a government computer by an unsuspecting employee."
Irregular opposing-force actions occur predominantly within the realm of the lower hierarchies, as that is where opposing forces have greatest control.
"I wanted to look at how nature creates with opposing forces, becoming the ultimate regenerator through cycles of death and re-birth."
There are opposing forces at work within the ECB which will keep the market volatile, writes Markus Allenspach, Head Fixed Income Research, Julius Baer
The euro area has started the New Year facing two opposing forces: a strengthening domestic economy and a weakening global one.
Opposing forces may opt for hardening positions instead of peace and reconciliation.
other Christian communities that have been caught in the cross-fire between opposing forces," Armenian National Committee of America
The temporary truce , which went into effect Tuesday, was meant to allow for humanitarian aid to reach Yemeni civilians following weeks of airstrikes and ground clashes between opposing forces.
The Syrians are not the only ones that have used cyber ability to control opposing forces. Egypt was one of the first, with the Mubarak administration known to have purchased boutique hacking software for just such purposes.
What should opposing forces do to thwart these evil actions and intentions and save thousands from such harsh tactics?