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The offense, committed by a public official, of wrongfully inflicting injury, such as bodily harm or imprisonment, upon another individual under color of office.

Oppression, which is a misdemeanor, is committed through any act of cruelty, severity, unlawful exaction, or excessive use of authority.


noun abuse, abusiveness, brutality, brute force, coercion, compulsion, cruelty, despotism, domination, enslavement, force, harassment, ill treatment, inhumanity, iniuria, injustice, iron rule, liberticide, maltreatment, misrule, mistreatment, misuse of power, persecution, reign of terror, repression, rule of might, ruthlessness, severity, subjection, subjugation, suppression, torment, totalitarianism, tyranny, victimization
See also: adversity, burden, coercion, compulsion, cruelty, encumbrance, extortion, force, grievance, ground, incumbrance, infliction, injustice, molestation, pressure, servitude, thrall, weight
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Addressing a large gathering, he said: "We will go to Larkana on Friday; we will Inshallah help oppressed people of Sindh and rid them of feudal lords"
THE parents of the American journalist murdered by Islamic State militants say their son died a hero for revealing the stories of oppressed people in war-torn lands.
Our clear message to Muslim governments is to rise up to assist the oppressed people and show that the world of Islam will not keep silent in face of tyranny and injustice.
Ruffled wrote: "Again, our (US) attempts might have been misguided in effort or detail but never in our goal of trying to free oppressed people from tyrants' grips.
Kurdistan is proud of the fact that Erbil has always served as refuge for oppressed people, including yourself when you fled the former dictatorship.
Sadrist MP Iqbal al-Ghurabi, in a statement by her media office, she confirmed that the Sadrist leader will not continue defending the oppressed people, pointing that "change and political reform will be through ballot boxes that will change the government that failed in services, security and administering the country".
Douri demanded all politicians to follow suit like lawmakers who resigned in order to reach solutions that would satisfy the oppressed people.
He also called on them to halt the plundering of Muslim wealth, support rebellious Muslims and oppressed people worldwide, and establish the Islamic Caliphate, or religious state.
He added he was worried films about oppressed people like the Irish and Aboriginals could be too heavy.
there was no place to the tyrannies and the dictators and the Libyan people cannot stand but just the oppressed people and supporting them in their struggle to retrieve their dignity and human rights and freedom.
We salute] all those who participated in the Freedom Flotilla 2, those who did not manage to take part and those who were fought and prevented from assisting in the breaking of the blockade of Gaza and its oppressed people," Hezbollah said in a statement.
I WONDER if the insurgents in Afghanistan will cease their murderous activities against our heroic troops, now Britain, France and the USA have united in their efforts to bring stability and democracy to the oppressed people of Libya, Bahrain, Egypt and other Arabian countries.