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The offense, committed by a public official, of wrongfully inflicting injury, such as bodily harm or imprisonment, upon another individual under color of office.

Oppression, which is a misdemeanor, is committed through any act of cruelty, severity, unlawful exaction, or excessive use of authority.


noun abuse, abusiveness, brutality, brute force, coercion, compulsion, cruelty, despotism, domination, enslavement, force, harassment, ill treatment, inhumanity, iniuria, injustice, iron rule, liberticide, maltreatment, misrule, mistreatment, misuse of power, persecution, reign of terror, repression, rule of might, ruthlessness, severity, subjection, subjugation, suppression, torment, totalitarianism, tyranny, victimization
See also: adversity, burden, coercion, compulsion, cruelty, encumbrance, extortion, force, grievance, ground, incumbrance, infliction, injustice, molestation, pressure, servitude, thrall, weight
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Rouhani referred to Gaza events and "merciless massacre of the oppressed people of Gaza by the criminal Zionists.
Your assertion about the US attempting to free oppressed people from tyrants' grips and bettering others' existence on Earth shows lack of knowledge of your country's history and foreign affairs.
This global solidarity movement for the oppressed people was introduced to the world by late Imam Khomeini.
The attack is an organized state terrorism against civilians coming all around the world to help oppressed people living under besiege more than four years.
The authors introduce students to the empowerment approach, emphasizing gender and ethnic diversity along with the strengths of oppressed people, especially women of color.
It was only after his death last week did they realise how much respect Balagopal had commanded among the poor, downtrodden and the oppressed people.
I have had enough - I will not vote for people who are content to leave poor, oppressed people at the mercy of degenerate barbarians.
It resisted rational criticism and oppressed people of faith.
Adler to address it until he shows that he has learned a bit more about the real world in which poor and oppressed people live.
This great and mighty nation, Lord, stands as a beacon of hope to so many oppressed people.
Paul Robeson's commitment to values greater than personal fame, status and material wealth, and his adoption of and participation in the human rights struggles of oppressed people, placed him squarely in the category of 20th-century heroes.