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The offense, committed by a public official, of wrongfully inflicting injury, such as bodily harm or imprisonment, upon another individual under color of office.

Oppression, which is a misdemeanor, is committed through any act of cruelty, severity, unlawful exaction, or excessive use of authority.


noun abuse, abusiveness, brutality, brute force, coercion, compulsion, cruelty, despotism, domination, enslavement, force, harassment, ill treatment, inhumanity, iniuria, injustice, iron rule, liberticide, maltreatment, misrule, mistreatment, misuse of power, persecution, reign of terror, repression, rule of might, ruthlessness, severity, subjection, subjugation, suppression, torment, totalitarianism, tyranny, victimization
See also: adversity, burden, coercion, compulsion, cruelty, encumbrance, extortion, force, grievance, ground, incumbrance, infliction, injustice, molestation, pressure, servitude, thrall, weight
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This piece is, in fact, one of the most powerful indictments of women's opression ever published under Marx's signature.
We rejoiced when you came from the hills to free your nation from tyranny and opression [sic].
Valignano notes that the Acehnese built 'gruesas armadas de galeras que haze da grandissimo trabajo y opression a Malaca', and had besieged the city many times, so that, whereas 'en otro tiempo tan abundante y sana esta agora en mucha necessidad de mantenimientos y muy enferma'.
In this sense, a hierarchy is formed, with the dominant system of opression at the apex, holding primacy over other, sub-dominant, categories.
My sweete soule, whos life in thy presens Joyeth most of any, and by thy want wanteth what shold susteyne his beinge, or geeue cumfort to the opression of his discontent.
Even Katie Roiphe, who thinks date rape is mostly imaginary and the opression of women a thing of the past, has noticed that lots of women are really mad at men, and presented this remarkable finding on the Op-Ed page of The New York Times, although she was unable to say what, beyond some Caliban-like darkness of the feminine soul, caused women to feel so aggrieved.
Opression is subtler, stiller and more lethal than this facile amalgamation of victims would suggest.
It is not possible to make sense of the disputes about biological determination of intelligence, disease, or social behavior without knowing the history and content of racist and sexist rationales for opression.