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A chamber, room, or apartment in old English Law. A judge's chamber. Treasury, chest, or coffer.

To be in camera is to be in private or in chambers.

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Unlike the traditional usage pattern of the altimeter, a laser altimeter can be used to measure the range between satellites and some interested regions when used in combination with optical cameras. This is achieved by making the laser altimeter point to the ground features that can be captured and recognized by optical cameras.
2-Optical to Laser Calibration: The optical camera and the laser sensors have overlapping fields of view and can be calibrated by capturing pairs of laser scans and optical images viewing a calibration board which is detectable in both modalities.
If the optical camera failed to identify, the manual inspection should be adapted.
The HUGIN 1000 AUV was equipped with an advanced suite of Kongsberg imaging equipment including the HISAS 1030 synthetic aperture sonar, EM3002 multibeam echo sounder and an optical camera with LED lighting.
For preform orientation, the machine has an optical camera system that enables preforms to be recognised by orientation marks on the neck finish.
In 1995 Canon launched the EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM, the world's first interchangeable SLR camera lens to feature a mechanism that compensates for optical camera shake.
The Raven is equipped with three cameras: an electrical optical camera and two infrared cameras, which provide an aerial observation of 10 to 15 kilometers at altitudes up to 1,000 feet.
The Trilogy machine is outfitted with two imaging systems that make it possible to deliver radiation with great precision: the On-Board Imager(R) device for generating 3-D images of the targeted area prior to treatment, and the FramelessArray(TM) optical guidance system, which uses an optical camera to continuously monitor the patient's position during treatment.
They were called in when Waffen how they had managed to use a digital optical camera to replicate sounds on fragile Edison cylinders and long-play records.
Where Disney required thousands of plastic or celluloid overlays, photographed in depth by an optical camera and moved each frame or series of frames by an unseen corps of individual animators on ladders working from a story board, McLaren required only the actual film stock itself.

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