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A chamber, room, or apartment in old English Law. A judge's chamber. Treasury, chest, or coffer.

To be in camera is to be in private or in chambers.

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The two optical cameras are equipped with fisheye lenses, resulting in a 180 degrees field of view.
In the second pass, HUGIN followed the pipeline tracks identified in the first pass at low altitude and inspected the pipelines using the EM 3002 multibeam and the optical camera.
Upstairs were the administrative offices, the optical cameras for the standard special effects of fade in, fade out, wipe and dissolve, on which the sense of cinematic time lapse or place change so often depends; a small animation studio and art room; the cutting and editing rooms; the music and sound-effects libraries and cutting rooms; one of two offices for Grierson, Legg, McLean and the accountants and treasury people; and finally an enormous room crammed with desks known as "the manning pool.
Title: Commissioning the New Sutherland High-Speed Optical Camera (SHOC)
The Japanese Marine Self Defense Force (JMSDF) has signed to purchase a second batch of Goodrich Optical and Space Systems (Lexington, MA) DB-110 Long Range Optical Camera systems.
In spare moments, I'd hang around and watch people edit or go down to animation and see how they did it, and then go into the optical camera section and watch how animation was shot.
The satellite, equipped with a high-resolution optical camera, will operate at an altitude of 685 kilometers for the next four years to provide highly detailed images of the Earth's surface.
The person operating the optical camera had a microscope device and he just tracked the dots, making the camera movement exactly as if you had hand moved the camera.
This month the Australian Army will demonstrate its newest surveillance system: the Ingara multi-mode radar (MMR) with a Wescam M20 long-range infrared and optical camera system, said to be Australia's first fully integrated airborne MMR system (along with its companion ground elements) with full datalink, analysis and dissemination capabilities.

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