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In Optimality Theory (OT), phonology is considered a universal set of constraints which are hierarchically ranked on a language-specific basis.
For any of the equal or unequal constraints, the solution to link the model that is theoretically underpinned by the Karush-Kuhn-Tucker optimality conditions with an amortized Newton algorithm manages to avoid rather complicated analytical procedures.
Optimality Theory: constraint interaction in Generative Grammar.
In this section we develop the necessary (and possibly sufficient) conditions of optimality whereby one can develop computational algorithm to determine the optimal control.
In essence, Pareto optimality suffers from incompleteness: It provides no guidance unless there is a unanimous consent among all individuals regarding the preference order with regard to at least one couple of alternative states of affairs.
Applying the Trapezoidal scheme to the resulting optimality system we obtain the following system of equations.
Soleimani-Damaneh: On optimality and duality for multiple-objective optimization under generalized type I univexity, Int.
To relax convexity assumption imposed on the function in theorems on optimality and duality, various generalized convexity concepts have been proposed.
Indeed, the very idea of reshaping currency areas in order to achieve optimality is foreign to monetary evolution.
i] is the agent's optimality criterion, which typically takes the form of maximizing cumulative rewards over a finite number of time steps or maximizing cumulative discounted rewards over an infinite number of steps in the limit.