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Connected either direct to the bike's battery, or through the 12V port on CAN bus-equipped bikes, OptiMate 4-1A's Dual Program system automatically diagnoses, recovers, charges, tests and maintains 12V motorcycle batteries all year long.
Industrialization Optimate software: using the expression of need, design, development, integration and testing of the various components
Evaluation and trials concluded that OptimATE improves the analogue test performance of E2V's ASIC products; reducing test times and increasing the range and complexity of possible tests.
Deployment of the Gangseo-gu Ward's private GPON system using Optimate has enabled the municipality to significantly reduce operational expenditures for leased lines and deliver significantly higher bandwidth (up to 2.
But I think Optimate could be the one to do it for us this season as he won at Ascot last time and we've given him a little break to freshen him up.
From having been an optimate for the previous nine years, Curio became the continuator and heir of Clodius' popularis policies.
The first-place award went to the Australian firm Optimate PTY, Ltd.
OPTIMATE A Excellent vision B Member of aristocracy C Extreme who am I?
In 52 BC Cicero defended the optimate politician, Titus Annius Milo, on a charge of public violence, after the Caesarian Publius Clodius Pulcher had died in an inn at Bovillae, as a result of a skirmish with Milo's gang.
FlexLight Networks, a developer of optical access networking solutions, has concluded a lab trial of its Optimate 2500 Gigabit PON (GPON) product at France Telecom's R&D centre in Lannion, France.
The Mark Johnston-trained gelding, a Royal Ascot winner last season, is tough and showed he was returning to his best when a head second to Optimate at Doncaster last Sunday.
New York City rents its uniformed police officers ($27 an hour plus handling charges) to any uptown optimate seeking to provide a private dance or dinner party with an atmosphere of stately and reassuring calm.