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Industrialization Optimate software: using the expression of need, design, development, integration and testing of the various components
Deployment of the Gangseo-gu Ward's private GPON system using Optimate has enabled the municipality to significantly reduce operational expenditures for leased lines and deliver significantly higher bandwidth (up to 2.
But I think Optimate could be the one to do it for us this season as he won at Ascot last time and we've given him a little break to freshen him up.
The Optimate and Optimate+ add-ons eliminate barriers that have historically prevented practical CFD-based design optimization .
In 52 BC Cicero defended the optimate politician, Titus Annius Milo, on a charge of public violence, after the Caesarian Publius Clodius Pulcher had died in an inn at Bovillae, as a result of a skirmish with Milo's gang.
FlexLight Networks, a developer of optical access networking solutions, has concluded a lab trial of its Optimate 2500 Gigabit PON (GPON) product at France Telecom's R&D centre in Lannion, France.
In short, the author moves between the insider's and outsider's point of view, revealing himself as a humanist, optimate, and bureaucrat, but also as a face in the crowd, dismayed like many others by the Sack of Prato, the portents of monstrous births, or the arrogance of the Medici regime.
Optimate Introduces Optimate 3 SP Motorcycle Battery Charger 40
The company's Optimate solution enables transport of various existing, as well as emerging, protocols over complex topologies -- while at the same time providing one of the most cost effective solutions to the service provider.
manufacturer, marketer and licensor of sporting goods, apparel and other active lifestyle products under the Everlast brand name, today announced that it has signed a license with Optimate, Inc.
0 includes notable new features such as: improved user interface; instrument measurement of black point and contrast settings for more accurate and objective calibration; additional control points on the gamma curves for more precise gamma corrections; the OptiMate II - a faster and more accurate monitor reading device; an information dialog for tracking past calibrations; a relative colorimeter dialog to find values of colors on screen using the OptiMate II; and improved dual monitor support.
We are very pleased to add Taizhou CATV to our growing Chinese customer list and are delighted that our Optimate portfolio is leading the acceptance of GPON throughout China.