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The reinsurer, the optimist of ill-luck and disaster, slaps his pocket with satisfaction.
My son," said the Optimist, stopping the gold carriage, "you look as if you had not a friend in the world.
John, I knew, had a horror of any kind of publicity, and was an easygoing optimist, who preferred never to meet trouble half-way.
After all," she said, "you know that I am a professional optimist, and I have faith in my luck.
Don't you think that, if I had not been the optimist I am, I could not have found in fifteen years some means to cut my throat?
The shortness of breath took all fire, all animation out of his voice; his great, pale cheeks hung like filled pouches, motionless, without a quiver; but in his blue eyes, narrowed as if peering, there was the same look of confident shrewdness, a little crazy in its fixity, they must have had while the indomitable optimist sat thinking at night in his cell.
Not only that, optimists take better care of themselves having significantly healthier blood sugar, lower cholesterol levels and they take more exercise.
The mission of the Kansas District Optimists is squarely in line with the values of Keen Wealth Advisors.
After the Asian championships in Bahrain, the Optimists return to school but will continue their training at the race clubs in Oman Sail's sailing centres and help the other young sailors at the clubs.
This year, British Olympic coach Chris Atkins heads up a list of world-renowned coaches with experience across the full spectrum of classes, roles and events but specialising mainly in Optimists.
Earlier this year, research published by the American Psychological Association showed that pessimists--because of their penchant for seeing life through a grim lens--take steps to improve their health, and thus tend to live longer than optimists.
with help from the Paris Optimists, setting up equipment from the Forest Drive Park previously used by skateboarders, and equipment stored at the Syl Apps Community Centre, for those using scooters;

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