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The reinsurer, the optimist of ill-luck and disaster, slaps his pocket with satisfaction.
"My son," said the Optimist, stopping the gold carriage, "you look as if you had not a friend in the world."
The shortness of breath took all fire, all animation out of his voice; his great, pale cheeks hung like filled pouches, motionless, without a quiver; but in his blue eyes, narrowed as if peering, there was the same look of confident shrewdness, a little crazy in its fixity, they must have had while the indomitable optimist sat thinking at night in his cell.
Every woman not so much a rake at heart, as an optimist, because they don't think.' What do you say, Rachel?" He paused with his pencil in his hand and a sheet of paper on his knee.
He derived the ideas, in fragmentary fashion, from Bolingbroke, who was an amateur Deist and optimist of the shallow eighteenth century type, and so far was Pope from understanding what he was doing that he was greatly disturbed when it was pointed out to him that the theology of the poem was Deistic rather than Christian [Footnote: The name Deist was applied rather generally in the eighteenth century to all persons who did not belong to some recognized Christian denomination.
A versatile and entertaining companion, by turns prosperous and impecunious, and an optimist always, Gardiner Hubbard became a really indispensable factor as the first advance agent of the telephone business.
you will be deceived just the same," said Athos, who was an optimist when things were concerned, and a pessimist when men were in question.
"Oh, I don't know," said the Duke of Chester, who was an optimist, "it's jolly good for some things.
But may I ask, at heart, are you an optimist or a pessimist?
Optimists, it is being claimed, following a new study in the US, are more likely to live longer than pessimists.
The June survey showed that the net personal optimists score in the second quarter-while staying 'excellent' for the third quarter in a row-fell to +42.
The June 2019 survey also found 46 percent of adults expecting their quality of life to improve in the next 12 months (optimists), and 4 percent expecting it to get worse (pessimists), for a net personal optimists score (percentage of optimists minus percentage of pessimists of +42, classified by SWS as "excellent."

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