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The reinsurer, the optimist of ill-luck and disaster, slaps his pocket with satisfaction.
My son," said the Optimist, stopping the gold carriage, "you look as if you had not a friend in the world.
The shortness of breath took all fire, all animation out of his voice; his great, pale cheeks hung like filled pouches, motionless, without a quiver; but in his blue eyes, narrowed as if peering, there was the same look of confident shrewdness, a little crazy in its fixity, they must have had while the indomitable optimist sat thinking at night in his cell.
you will be deceived just the same," said Athos, who was an optimist when things were concerned, and a pessimist when men were in question.
Oh, I don't know," said the Duke of Chester, who was an optimist, "it's jolly good for some things.
But may I ask, at heart, are you an optimist or a pessimist?
They were competing in boats generously loaned by sailors taking part in the nationals - who were keeping fingers crossed that their Optimists would come back in good shape for the rest of the championship.
The Sailing Schools award went to Al Mouj after a string of consisA[degrees] tent performances by its young sailors, while Mussanah, where all three champions are based, came second and Oman Sail's newest school in Sur opened its honours account when Mohammed al Alawi came third in the Optimists.
Oman Sail's newest school in Sur opened their honours account when Mohammed Juma al-Alawi came third in the Optimists.
A reading above 100 means optimists outnumber pessimists, while a reading below the benchmark means the opposite.
During group and one-on-one mentoring, Optimists work with 9- to 18-year-old students to discuss strategies for developing skills, such as goal-setting and positive habits.
Not only that, optimists take better care of themselves having significantly healthier blood sugar, lower cholesterol levels and they take more exercise.

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