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Its open CoSy compiler development system gives compiler developers the ability to achieve a similar leading edge position in the construction of better and faster optimizing compilers for architectures ranging from 4-bit DSPs to 256-bit VLIW processors.
With VLE technology and Green Hills Optimizing Compilers, designers of embedded automotive systems can reduce the cost of materials in the control unit or add more features to their software applications within the same amount of processor memory.
With the availability of PGI compilers alongside the widely used IBM XL optimizing compilers for POWER8, our customers will now have this same flexibility and advantage on current and next-generation IBM POWER System platforms as well.
SCORE provides optimizing compilers for Ada, C, Embedded C++, and Fortran77, all of which pass the applicable ACATS, PlumHall, Perennial, and FCVS compiler validation suites.