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All eligible TREC Holders / other entities interested to become an option writer are requested to kindly send in their nomination and contact details to the undersigned latest by Friday, April 15.
premium is the option holder, not the option writer.
A call option writer will cover the option if he is bullish and leave the option uncovered (naked) if he is bearish.
14) An option writer would have to take a position both in the underlying asset (delta hedging) and in another option (vega hedging) to hedge both sources of risk.
Most options on futures are cash settled, meaning that the option writer must provide the cash equivalent of the difference between the futures price and the strike price to the option buyer.
The option writer, however, has no rights in such a contract.
Using our hypothetical example as a basis, an option writer can earn 10.
Referring to the final case of selling or writing a put option, the option writer earns the premium, but accepts substantial risk should the pound sterling depreciate.
The buyer of the option contract must pay a nominal price called "premium" to the option writer to become entitled to the rights conveyed by such contracts.