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After initial data collection, we began a targeted, explicit teaching approach to create high quality oral language experiences as part of our everyday routine in our Prep classrooms.
What are participating early childhood educators' goals and practices for supporting young children's oral language and writing development?
I have found that Rory's Story Cubes is an excellent resource to use with my Year 4 class to provide students with rich opportunities to develop and enhance oral language through storytelling and discussion (Coleman & Goldenberg, 2011; Phillips, 1999).
Kaio did not produce oral language in the other sessions, and at the end of the last session he produced a vocal statement vowel with a clear intention, i.
Our project seeks to gain a closer look at the contrast of oral language opportunities experienced by English learners and native speakers of English in order to draw implications for practicing teachers.
Improving early language and literacy skills: Differential effects of an oral language versus a phonology with reading intervention.
In addition to the executive functions and oral language, preliminary knowledge of reading and writing, which also develops in the preschool phase, has a significant relationship with later academic performance.
Teacher-librarians have tried over the years to make storytelling and creative dramatics a part of the agenda to help students love literature and reading, so they have concentrated on imparting the pure joy, laughter, mystery, and attention-grabbing power of oral language.
This study focused on one second-generation Korean student's literacy and oral language acquisition in Korean and English over a 10-month period, as part of a six-year longitudinal case study.
6) Further, in another research project by Wise, Sevcik, Morris, Lovett and Wolf (2007) the authors suggest that Keeping the study's limitations in consideration, the findings from this study were largely consistent with a large body of research indicating that oral language skills are related to reading achievement (Cooper et al.
The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association reports that there are an estimated 3 million preschool and school-age children who have not developed age-appropriate oral language communication skills (Hargrove 1984).
The reproducible pages are templates for cutting and putting together brief, little books with simple, repetitive, child-centered texts based on oral language, as well as share-and-sign pages.