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ORATOR, practice. A good man, skillful in speaking well, and who employs a perfect eloquence to defend causes either public or private. Dupin, Profession d'Avocat, tom. 1, p. 19..
     2. In chancery, the party who files a bill calls himself in those pleadings your orator. Among the Romans, advocates were called orators. Code, 1, 8, 33, 1.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It has started an eponymous fellowship in hepatobiliary surgery for young surgeons from various parts of the world and organizes the annual event "Gyan Burman Oration" to be delivered by one of the world's foremost liver surgeons.
Tutson offered the most syrupy comment in a century of undergraduate orations when she affirmed that "we do have the ability to move mountains, however big or small they may be." In prose without clear meaning, Justin Carroll informed the class of 1997 that, "Brown is a good place.
In general vocabulary rather than in reference to the classical orations, a philippic is a long, bitter discourse full of condemnation.
It is "grotesque", Abdel Razek said, that so many imams were allowed to give orations without licences.
The volume under review is composed of a select set of Fatimid-period orations (sg.
The powerful party hierarchies Mouth perfect orations, which can sway the feeble minded And earn standing ovations.
The crowds shouted at gardai to leave - and delayed the graveside orations for the former chief of staff of the IRA.
NEVER j again shall I moan about the Fidel Castro-length orations of Martin McGuinness.
This paper attempts a comparative pragmatic study of two selected funeral orations from both British and Nigerian settings.
The volume includes b&w photos, stories by the Winnebago and Jicarilla Apache for comparison, and a summary table of the O'odham orations discussed including comments.
A new edition of the orations he gave six months before his assassination, The Trumpet of Conscience, along with a new edition of Strength to Love, a collection of his sermons, are also to be released.
"Festal Orations: Saint Gregory of Nazianzus" is a collection of the man's festal speeches, deftly translated by Nonna Verna Harrison.