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InfoVista is the provider of cost-effective network performance orchestration solutions for a better connected and collaborative world.
We are pleased to support the continued expansion and extension of Windstreams SDNow network, providing the orchestration capabilities that allow them to automate the delivery of new on-demand services to their customers, said Nirav Modi, vice president of product at Blue Planet at Ciena.
DRYiCETM COPA platform brings together the best of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Orchestration, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Natural Language Processing-enabled Cognitive Virtual Assistant - 'LUCY'.
As operators transform to meet these needs, enabling automated orchestration of available resources at scale is foundational.
With support for zero-touch automation, rapid provisioning and policy-driven service assurance, Ericson Dynamic Orchestration helps operators achieve faster time to market and superior delivery of new and differentiated services.
Kubernetes is arguably the most well-known and popular container orchestration framework.
We are starting to see a substantial shift in the market toward solutions that allow service providers to play an active role in the orchestration of their customers' network, while supporting a more op-ex centric cost model, said Tim McElligott, senior consulting analyst of the Orchestration, Data Analytics and Monetization (ODAM) practice at Stratecast | Frost and Sullivan.
We are committed to helping enterprises combat these malicious attacks by providing an advanced security analytics and response orchestration platform and cybersecurity operations and Intelligence.
This is achieved via a comprehensive process orchestration definition console which is then used to set business rules, orchestration logic and other parameters, including treatments and preferences for each payment channel and payment type being processed within the hub .
In an SDN and NFV context, orchestration software provides management and coordination of VNFs (Virtual Network Functions), infrastructure resource pools and service pool resources.
This is where the difference between cloud automation and cloud orchestration comes in.
Although age, musical training, and knowledge of the presented stimulus have produced no noticeable differences in how individuals perceive musical tension, researchers have yet to explore the effects of orchestration on the perception of musical tension.