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This is achieved via a comprehensive process orchestration definition console which is then used to set business rules, orchestration logic and other parameters, including treatments and preferences for each payment channel and payment type being processed within the hub .
Through its extensive integration tooling and comprehensive streamlined approach to orchestration definition VolPay Hub significantly accelerates time to revenue and reduces the cost of ownership.
Unlike most extant research involving tension perception, participants in this study were asked to listen to multiple orchestrations of the same piece of music in an effort to discern what similarities or differences existed between their responses.
In his engaging narrative, Steven Suskin convinces readers that investigating the orchestration and orchestrators of the "Golden Age" of Broadway musicals--from Oklahoma
Considering Web service orchestrations (1), using transaction concepts may facilitate their design and development process in terms of [12].
After "Works and Performances," we find "Writings by William Grant Still and Verna Arvey," followed by a "General Bibliography," a "Discography," an alphabetical list of compositions (Appendix A), and a preliminary list of arrangements and orchestrations (Appendix B).
com), the inventor of visual orchestration systems (VOS), today announced that CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, of Geneva, Switzerland, has successfully deployed ActiveVOS[TM] to orchestrate and manage its core technical and administrative business services.
T-Impact to Propel Transition to Visual Orchestration Systems for SOA Application Development in UK Enterprises
When defined, the transformations are called as one of the parsers within the BizTalk Server message layer and can be invoked as needed in any orchestrations.
Arrange was partly designed by Sibelius user Michael Price, whose orchestration credits include the recent Steven Spielberg/Tom Hanks HBO special, "Band of Brothers.
Fuego's Business Services Orchestration (BSO) solutions are at the forefront of transforming how CIOs, IT managers and LOB decision makers can effectively integrate and automate services from people, systems and organizations into seamless processes and Web services.
With big, brassy orchestrations, this is great music in the style of John Williams' adventure and action scores, such as the scores for the Indiana Jones films," said Andreas Lindahl of Scorereviews.