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He has since undergone an urgent veterinary assessment following the ordeal.
'On 10th February 2018 (my birthday) I was raped by two men,' she added, saying the ordeal left her pregnant.
Police confirmed the victim was badly beaten with blunt objects during the ordeal.
She said doctors told her it was a result of the weekend ordeal.
When it could not longer meet Bill's specialist needs, he was sent to the t et cialist eds, s ORDEAL: Bill JCarleton clinic, in Carlisle - leaving Joan with a 168-mile round trip.
And she has spoken of her ordeal to try and help police catch her attacker.
" Fearing that the girl would talk about her ordeal, the mother withdrew her from her school two years ago," said a police official.
George, who takes 31 tablets every day, has been left terrified by the ordeal last Tuesday in Augustine Grove.
But her owner alerted the RSPCA and the pooch has now recovered from her ordeal.
The motorist, whose vehicle experienced cruise control malfunction last month, recalled his ordeal calling it the most horrific incident of his life.