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In summary the results of prior studies provide no direct comparison of 11- and 13-month-olds nor is there currently an assessment of memory for structure of arbitrarily ordered sequences at 11-months of age.
The cell-based search method is used in the preprocessing phase to determine an ordered sequence of nearest neighbors to each node, and in the evaluation phase to find the set of all nodes whose radii [R.
Because of the ordered sequence, each child has a brother and a sister close to their own age - and that really helps.
In particular, we believe the early order primacy effect was caused by overweighting the first piece of information in the ordered sequence (Item 2 overall).
This starts from four packs at the beginning of four giver-grooves being transferred in ordered sequence to form four mixed packs at the end of the four taker-grooves.
In Example 5b we have a partially ordered sequence of pcs.