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Given a video sequence, the computer vision system, trained to recognize a given set of actions, returns an ordered sequence of actions which best describes the video according to the computer vision capability.
Starting at 13-months of age, however, infants immediately reproduce arbitrarily ordered sequences, but not after a delay (Bauer & Mandler, 1992).
Within red rendered perimeter walls pigmented by sand from Al Ain, and on a bed of white sand from Abu Dhabi--from which grow salt and drought tolerant desert plants such as Date Palms--a glass pavilion creates the principal spatial fulcrum within a highly ordered sequence of external spaces.
With this achievement, scientists are describing the ordered sequence of genes in human DNA.
An idle diversion with pencil and graph paper involves writing some ordered sequence of letters in the cells of a grid and searching the horizontal, vertical and diagonal rows of the resulting array for accidentally-formed new words.
However, the several contributors, in their ethnographic narratives and analyses, demonstrate the ways in which landscapes are conceptualized, particularly in terms of bodily and botanic imagery, how place and space are deployed to legitimize cultural identity and difference, and the importance of topogeny ("the recitation of an ordered sequence of place names"), often in relationship with genealogical reckoning, in depicting and defining origins, pathways, precedence, and terminations.
The cell-based search method is used in the preprocessing phase to determine an ordered sequence of nearest neighbors to each node, and in the evaluation phase to find the set of all nodes whose radii [R.sub.w] include the evaluation point.
"Because of the ordered sequence, each child has a brother and a sister close to their own age - and that really helps.