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He said: "Dom is one of a growing number of young people seeking ordination in the Church in Wales.
The question is tricky because ordination itself was understood very differently in the first millennium of Christianity.
When asked why they are, or are not, or are not yet ordained, women offer important clues about the changing practice of ordination. The Baptist Women in Ministry (BWIM) Registry is a databank of women's ordinations and professional ministry collected since 2007.
The 76-year-old pope, who chose Francis as his Papal name in honour of St Francis of Assisi, is a theological conservative who strongly stood for the Vatican's stand on controversial issues like ordination of women as priests, gay marriage and abortion.
One of these garudhammas is of considerable importance for the legal aspects of bhikkhuni ordination. This is the sixth garudhamma, which stipulates that a female candidate should have observed a two year training period as a probationer, a sikkhamana.
Aside from public debate, the reactions of Thai mae chi (eight-precept female practitioners) is another important gauge of the social significance of bhikkhuni ordination. In the absence of a bhikkhuni order, Thai women generally become mae chi, despite their lack of formal status as ordained Buddhist nuns.
The Mexican church also considered the ordination of women to the priesthood.
The Vatican warned China on Thursday that efforts at reconciliation would be set back if bishops loyal to the pope are forced to attend the ordination. China said Friday the ordination was going ahead.
Members of Father Puljic's family came from as far afield as Croatia and Canada to witness the ordination at the Coalpool Lane Church.
For the Catholic and Orthodox churches, it involves the validity of the Eucharistic celebration and of the sacrament of ordination. For churches with a different theology of sacraments, these questions do not arise.
The Licensing took place this week at an ordination service at Liverpool Cathedral.
From Theravadin traditions, there were 2 Thai women; (5) Ven.Dhammavati, the leading bhikkhuni of Nepal and her group received full ordination at this time.