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ORDINATION, civil and eccl. law. The act of conferring the orders of the church upon an individual. Nov. 137.

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That said, there is ample evidence for women deacons in Christian history Starting with Phoebe, the only deacon named as such in Scripture, numerous references to women deacons appear in epigraphs, letters, chronicles and, most importantly, ordination rites for women deacons in the Western and Eastern churches.
That year we estimated around 2,000 ordinations of Baptist women by SBC congregations and churches that broke away from the denomination after the 1980s.
In such a setting, it would only be natural to make sure that bhikkhunis do not conduct higher ordinations without the involvement of bhikkhus.
Also, the situation of Thai samaneri can be viewed rather sympathetically if one considers that the expansion of the Sri Lankan bhikkhuni order only accelerated after 1998 when women's ordinations began to be conducted by the Sri Lankan bhikkhu sangha At the time of this research (August 2007), in Thailand, since Dhammananda's bhikkhuni ordination, three Thai samaneri have been able to go to Sri Lanka to receive higher ordination by the dual sangha.
Presbyteries and sessions now will examine candidates for ordination or installation with the standard being that a candidate's "manner of life should be a demonstration of the Christian gospel in the church and in the world.
As he arrived on Friday for the meeting, Hong Kong's outspoken Joseph Cardinal Zen said China's planned ordination of a bishop who doesn't have the approval of Holy Father was illegitimate, shameful and uncivilized.
Dhammavati, the leading bhikkhuni of Nepal and her group received full ordination at this time.
EVEN TAKING THE QUESTION OF ORDINATION OFF THE table, we simply can no longer afford the wait-and-see attitude to our "female problem" Pope Benedict seems to encourage.
Zen, without directly commenting on Liu's ordination, told a TVB news program Wednesday that negotiations between the Vatican and China could not continue now that bishops are installed repeatedly without Vatican's approval.
For a religious community still in the shadows of the clergy sex abuse scandals, the ordinations were seen as a step toward the healing of the church, according to advocates of female priests.
Sadly for those organizations and the series editors, however, the book provides little to forward the cause of women's ordination.
Those ordinations ushered in the Roman Catholic Womenpriests movement.