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Liberec led 5-3 going into the final period and added a sixth when Ordos fired home (41-46).
The developed lithologies in Upper Paleozoic of Ordos basin are mainly coal seam, sandstone, mud shale, and few carbonatite.
A total of 20 visitors from South Africa, Britain and India were held at Ordos airport in China's Inner Mongolia region on Friday last week, sparking diplomatic concern.
At a recent meeting in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, Tan Zuojun, vice governor of Liaoning Province and former general manager of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, said that development of China's fourth-generation nuclear submarines and other high-tech weapons had been completed.
China has found a CBM pool in its Ordos Basin, estimated to contain 10.
China's largest gas find was announced in 2001 at the Sulige field, in northern China's Ordos basin, also operated by PetroChina.
The ultra-thick seams, mostly occurring in multiple seams, and some are ultra-closely spaced, are found in all coalfields but the majority occur in the Ordos coalfield of Inner Mongolia (See Figure 1).
In July, HKIA's extensive flight destination network was further expanded with the launch of a twice-weekly service to Ordos, Inner Mongolia by Air China.
While the Chinggis Khan Mausoleum, located in Ordos of Inner Mongolia, is a memorial to the great conqueror, his burial site is difficult to locate.
Advanced water injection is an oil extraction technology that has been developed in response to the challenges of features of oilfields such as found in the Ordos Basin of Northern China, with its ultralow permeability, high flow resistivity, low natural energy, low pressure conductivity, and low per-well productivity.
A freight car and a minivan, with 21 people on board were washed into a river by a flood unleashed from a mountain in Dongsheng District of Ordos City, local government said.
NYSE: NCR) reported it will provide NCR TouchPort kiosks to Ordos Ejin Horo Airport in China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, through a partnership with Beijing Sinonet Technology Co.

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