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The media also feature prominently in the few studies on the Oresund region.
The refugee surge from Syria has affected the Oresund region along with the rest of Europe.
He also worries it will imperil years of investment in the Oresund region.
The acquisition has already been approved by the Swedish Competition Authority and by the board of directors of Sparbanksstiftelsen Oresund and Sparbanksstiftelsen Gripen.
Five EU regions - Alsace, Oresund, Wales, West Midlands and Yorkshire and the Humber - received, on 25 February, the first RegioStars Awards for projects promoting sustainable development and knowledge-based regional economies.
The cross-border region of Oresund (Sweden and Denmark) was the winner of the 'Supporting clusters and business networks' category, thanks to six innovative platforms bringing together regional authorities, businesses and universities from both sides of the border.
And while Copenhagen has enough to keep even the most demanding visitors occupied for weeks, just a 30-minute train journey across the remarkable Oresund suspension bridge is Sweden's third biggest city, Malmo.
A 100m long pier extends out from a newish beach into the Oresund, the narrow channel separating Denmark from Sweden.
Racing will take place on Oresund, just off Malmo, waters on which America's Cup fleet races were held last European summer.
Mobile phone companies in both Denmark and Sweden currently charging a so-called 'bridge toll' for crossing the Sound of Oresund are reportedly forcing their customers to pay up to 1000% extra for using their mobile phones whilst commuting from one country to the other.
The local accent forms a link between Denmark and Sweden, and the mighty Oresund Bridge joins them to Denmark and a wider region of the EU.