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Breakthrough organic semiconductor compounds such as those being perfected in the laboratories at UNH will drive the future of the OLED lighting market," said Professor Glen Miller, Director of the University of New Hampshire Materials Science Program.
4 Novel Organic Semiconductors and Processing Techniques for Organic Field-Effect Transistors
That posed a problem because to increase the conductivity of the organic semiconductor, the ruthenium dimer needs to split and release its two identical monomers.
There are many thesis procedure depend on using organic semiconductors in many field due to the very promising applications of organic electronics [2] such as in solar cells[3], electronic devices[4] and gas sensing [5].
X-ray studies of the group's organic semiconductors at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (SSRL) allowed them to inspect their progress and continue to make improvements, eventually showing neatly arranged crystals at least 10 times longer than crystals created with other solution-based techniques, and of much greater structural perfection.
Specialties: Copper-based functional organic semiconductor materials for OLEDs.
Molecular Solar Ltd researcher Professor Tim Jones from the University of Warwick said: "We are working with solar cells made from organic semiconductor materials which offer the prospect of very low cost manufacture of lightweight, flexible cells.
The seven chapters cover spin-polarized transport in organic semiconductors, modeling spin injection and transport in organic semiconductor structures, magnetoresistance and spin transport in organic semiconductor devices, spintronic applications of organic materials, magnetic field effects in pi-conjugated systems, investigating spin-dependent processes in organic semiconductors, and sensor and memory applications.
Organic semiconductor materials consist of a new class of electronic materials which show processing and performance advantages for large area utilization in the low-cost organic electronics (1), (2).
We chose to use CoreEZ organic semiconductor substrate for its electrical performance capabilities and its flexible design/materials/manufacturing/assembly ground rules that enable strict skew specification between the ASIC die to be maintained.
New kinds of organic semiconductor materials such as rubrene and hybrid materials, including formulations with carbon nanotubes, will spur that market to $4.
Plextronics' recent honors include: 2007 Red Herring Top 100 Company, 2006 Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Awards Runner-Up, 2006 NREL Clean Energy Entrepreneur of the Year, the 2006 Organic Semiconductor Industry Awards Start-Up of the Year, and a Top 50 Nanotechnology Start-Up by Lux Research.