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Recently, Siborg worked with the University of Waterloo, in Ontario, Canada, to create new physical models for the simulation of organic semiconductor devices.
X-ray studies of the group's organic semiconductors at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (SSRL) allowed them to inspect their progress and continue to make improvements, eventually showing neatly arranged crystals at least 10 times longer than crystals created with other solution-based techniques, and of much greater structural perfection.
Specialties: Copper-based functional organic semiconductor materials for OLEDs.
3]/Aldiode indicates a nonideal behavior resulting from the existence of the interfacial layer, the series resistance effect, and the resistance of the organic semiconductor.
Using the ferroelectric biopolymer thin film and an organic semiconductor, the group has prototyped a 3x3-pixel-equivalent memory array screen-printed on a flexible plastic film and confirmed that the device retains a two-digit drain current on/off ratio for more than 10 days after power is turned off.
To create it, Heremans and his colleagues deposited ultrathin layers of gold, aluminum, and the organic semiconductor pentacene on a piece of glass.
The two companies plan to develop a ''nanocomposite organic solar cell'' whose core layer for power generation will be a blend of organic semiconductor and nanocrystals, sandwiched by electrodes.
Elecon CEO, Ross Haghighat explained, "ELEFLEX(TM) organic semiconductors represent a revolution in the organic semiconductor field.
Inokuchi, 74, discovered that some organic compounds conduct electricity and became a pioneer in molecular electronics by developing an organic semiconductor.
In particular, used to investigate scientific questions in the fields of molecular electronics and organic semiconductor.
AN INVESTMENT is to fund full commercialisation of organic semiconductor technology to enable truly flexible displays and electronics.