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Those are long, earth-stressing, fossil-fuel-burning journeys that suggest that even organics can end up as unearth-friendly as "normal" food products.
In a turn away from chemical-intensive farming, countries around the world are adopting policies to support conversions to organic agriculture.
In 2001, long-awaited standards for organic foods were unveiled amid much fanfare.
There was a growing awareness throughout the 1990s about food and agriculture,'' says Katherine DiMatteo, executive director of the Organic Trade Association.
And, he says, "the promise with organics is related to the lower cost of the raw materials, in particular the substrate on which the device is built--a silicon wafer is more expensive than a sheet of plastic.
This material has a high surface area for adsorption of the organics and is chemically inert.
Raising sugar is not unusual here, but Balbo's take on farming is: he believes he can go organic and still make money.
The Evolution of Organic Food and Drinks: Growth opportunities, NPD and the impact of the economic downturn
Through buying organic flowers, Prolman reasoned, American consumers "would start thinking not only about their own health but also that of workers and ecosystems around the globe.
Will we have the same ones buying more organics, or attract new shoppers?
All of these tend to reduce the concentration of the organics reaching the wells, making detection more difficult.
I decided there must be some other reason besides cost for their not choosing organic.