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A generic term for any type of group or association of individuals who are joined together either formally or legally.

The term organization includes a corporation, government, partnership, and any type of civil or political association of people.

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(6.) Food and Agriculture Organization. Proposal for a global programme: avian influenza control and eradication.
Some common themes emerged that the camp can use to better interpret how it "fits" or contributes to the mission and overall purpose of the parent organization.
The crux of the analysis, however, is the relationship a Type II supporting organization must have with its designated supported organization, specifically being "supervised or controlled in connection with" it (Sec.
For the purposes of this series of articles, program management should be thought of as having the responsibility for the conceptualization, efficient management, and delivery of a large-scale, high-budget, key product or strategic initiative for the organization. Program management involves working with senior-level executives within the internal and customer organizations.
Before examining some of the ways organizations can employ new technologies and methodologies to implement successful business continuity and DR plans, let's first look at the common stumbling blocks.
Business leaders took greater notice of the important role communication played throughout the organization. As other, less tragic crises occurred, including a workforce reduction and a leadership transition, communicators were invited into the planning processes earlier than they had been before.
Managers must communicate with members and reinforce the fact that they are an integral part of a commendable mission and a worthy organization. Leaders must encourage their managers to engage in acts that inspire "knowing, thinking, remembering, and learning." (10)
The visionary WCRP founders struggled to encompass their radically different visions of how an interreligious movement for peace could be best fostered worldwide, starting with the place of the grassroots membership among the top religious leadership which gave birth to the organization. The internal tension between visions of grassroots versus so-called "top-town" methodologies to promote social action for peace remain to this day part of the sociological reality among the members of the WCRP family worldwide.
When an ethical problem arises, the professional integrity of your organization's culture is at stake and, should it be lost, you will be reduced to managing things, not leading people.
But that does not necessarily describe the situation for every company and certainly not with respect to all the electronic documents within all the business areas of a typical organization. A significant volume of electronic documents may be work files, supporting information, or other files that are not necessarily important to control from a regulatory or compliance perspective.
It was developed by Houston-based American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC;, a nonprofit organization devoted to helping organizations improve performance.

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