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"There is a growing linkage between terrorists and criminals from organized crime syndicates. Terrorists benefit from the trafficking of persons, weapons, cultural property, natural resources, and financial resources to support their operations.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Oct 27 (ANI): In a major crackdown on organized crime syndicates involved in smuggling of gold into India, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) has, in a series of operations in last 48 hours across the country seized more than 100 kgs of smuggled gold.
Organized crime syndicates are commonly known to use intimidation tactics on those around them to ensure obedience.
Yeo said Hong portrayed him as the a "financer" of one of the biggest organized crime syndicates in Korea and he spent four years in prison for it.
According to the public policy think-tank the Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability (NISS), the increase in piracy in Southeast Asia is attributed to a number of causes, including over-fishing; poor maritime regulation; organized crime syndicates; widespread poverty; and politically motivated groups.
Organized crime syndicates in Mexico have developed makeshift armored vehicles.
It is reported in some cases, the drugs were supplied by organized crime syndicates.
The website reported that organized crime syndicates in Russia appear to have developed malware that will collect data stored in the POS terminal or ATM's log files, filter it swiftly for credit card information, and then send that information in a simple text file to the malware creator's server or email.
Dozens of shops and restaurants have closed after owners received kidnapping or death threats or were victims of extortion when the owners refused to pay bribes to organized crime syndicates. Many discos and bars closed their doors after they were set ablaze or were abandoned by their owners.
There are powerful organized crime syndicates that have learned to adjust their methods, making it increasingly difficult for police forces to eliminate the gangs.
As the police net has tightened, organized crime syndicates have sought out virgin ventures to launder the money from drugs and other rackets.

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