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When the issues at stake include much more controversial measures of equality (such as marriage) the support of organized labour is much less enthusiastic.
Examining the situation in Australia, Shane Ostenfeld shows how gay and lesbian movements have, for two decades, recognized that unions were an important part of their struggle, how the response of organized labour was "considered, incremental, and hotly debated among members," and how Australia produced "arguably the best developed relationship of this type in the world.
The area in which foundations have shown the most interest in organized labour is research and Magat clearly demonstrates in chapter four ample evidence of this concern.
The strength of Magat's work lies in its relevance to the present situation in which American organized labour finds itself.
For a more in-depth analysis of organized labour's side during this period, I recommend Alan Draper's Conflict of Interests: Organized Labour and the Civil Movement in the South, 1954-1968 (1994).

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