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School-aged children achieving the organized sport benchmark expend 23 kcal/day more than children who spend equivalent time being sedentary.
They included the associations of participation in organized sports with the scores on the Rod-and-Frame Test and the physical activity variables.
When asked about why they played organized sports, two out of three of respondents (62 percent) said because they have a passion for the sport.
But most other camps added activities, particularly organized sports, often decreasing or de-emphasizing hiking and canoeing.
This popular sport "leads the pack" in the number of injuries, especially in boys, in organized sports.
exclusive of school or university productions), organized sports (exclusive of school sports), and "socials" (mixers, teas, sewing parties, and so forth); dances and games, notably, club-sponsored card games, are not displayed but show similar patterns;
I have three boys who all play in organized sports leagues, so I know the financial responsibility that it requires to participate in these organizations," said Check-in for Good co-founder and CEO Rob Katz.
All four of her children have participated in organized sports at Sylmar -- from baseball and football to softball, tennis and cheerleading -- and are either enrolled, graduated or have been accepted to four-year colleges on academic, not athletic, scholarships.
More than half (54 percent) of all young people ages six to seventeen are members of at least one organized sports team, according to research sponsored by Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association.
From simple games to organized sports to homework help, the Boys and Girls Club of Vista offers a variety of options in a safe environment as well as character-building programs for both boys and girls.
PHOENIX, June 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- MaxInMotion(TM), a new not-for-profit foundation dedicated to helping financially disadvantaged Arizona youth participate in organized sports, launches its website today.
But an incredible feat for a 52-year-old woman who is 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighs 120 pounds and until recently had never participated in organized sports.