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In addition to using his original idea, Saif was flown out to Lebanon to meet Nancy and take part in the filming process with Walid.
In my opinion, it is important now to assert that the original idea of Los Galacticos was a noble one.
But Middlesbrough Council chiefs said Mr Brady was one of a number of people who put forward ideas for a new gallery and that the mima concept is unique and owes nothing material to his original idea.
There's a cracking original idea at the core of this French thriller, which is bolstered by odd details, teasing ambiguities and black and white photography.
The original idea to destroy the Gaza homes as Israelis leave has been suspended now that a wealthy Saudi Arabian has offered $50 million to buy them.
I thought about coming up with a new idea for an article, but my deadline was the following day so I thought I should stick to my original idea rather than trying to brainstorm something new.
The original idea was to buy six C-130J transports and 35 C-235 maritime patrol aircraft.
I made nothing out of this original idea and to see it virtually replicated some 10 months after we broadcast enrages me.
The original idea was to divide the scientific community using ID concepts and, when the doubts were firmly in place, introduce people to the tenets of fundamentalism and convert them.
He says they have a 100 Day Plan, a predetermined schedule from the original idea to the first sale.
While the images, period and artistic lines are Maltby's concept and design, the original idea for a mural came from Ian Maxwell, owner of Ellice's parent company Ralmax.
The original idea was a monthly luncheon, a few social events during the year and a summer outing at Jones Beach with a softball game.