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Whereas Sanwoolu is restricting the project to only LASU and also to be used within a timed period, the original idea by Agbaje remains to install free, safe, unlimited, fast WiFi connections in all our public school, especially tertiary and secondary, and in conducive public areas of the state.
The original idea was to incorporate the concept of glowing letters in an entire book, with the illuminated pages making up the conclusion and lighting up brighter and brighter as the reader approached the end.
The original idea of finding a way to promote equality and diversity in the league was the brainchild of the late secretary, Mike Beech.
The principal adviser of the documentary is the director of the History Institute, MP, Academician Yagub Mahmudov, the author of the original idea and project director - Nuraddin Mehdiyev, the script writer - historian Nazim Mustafa and film director is Teymur Najafzade.
Such a muddled mindset was impelled by the steady corrosion of the original idea of Pakistani nationalism, and the upsurge of a rather ambitious concept of a divergent idea of nationalism.
George Lucas has moved on from his original idea of putting his very own Museum of Narrative Art in Chicago; instead, Los Angeles and San Francisco are currently cities he's considering for the project.
The Short Screenwriting Lab, a three-week workshop scheduled from January 29 to February 19, will assist new and emerging Qatari screenwriters and writer-directors to develop and write a screenplay from an original idea with the support of international mentors.
According to an order of FTO Abdur Rauf Chaudhry issued on Friday in the complaint filed by Provincial Government Employees Co-operative Housing Society Limited (PGECHSL), Law and Justice Division observed that the original idea was to tax the income of builders and developers of residential and commercial units and plots but the same was changed into FED converting it from a direct tax into an indirect tax.
Alyn and Deeside AM Carl Sargeant said: "Sam came to my oce to seek help and support for her business, which is a fantastic and original idea.
But, Houston we have a problem, because somewhere in between the original idea and the final product, something appears to have come loose.
This is the original idea, which can achieve many political goals and a hook for great target group.
Director Walid Naseed held a first-of-its-kind online competition where he asked Nancy's fans to come up with an original idea for the music video of "A'mal Aqlah" (Acting Sane).