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The whole world seemed pale and void of its original meaning.
With some words, instead of giving the original meaning, he gave a personal meaning, that is he allowed his own sense of humor, feelings or politics, to color the meaning.
The post aimed to clear out the original meaning of the phrase and distinguish it from violence.
Upholding those documents and their original meaning will maintain our Democratic Republic and all it has meant to us and the world.
(1) Instead, the Declaration is one source, among many, of the constitution's original meaning. (Indeed, you heard many of my fellow panelists giving evidence of this claim regarding what they perceived as the impact of the Declaration either on a particular clause--the Necessary and Proper Clause for example (2)--or the Constitution's overall structure or its overall goals.
(19) Opinions range from the view that precedent should invariably prevail over the original public meaning of the constitutional text to the polar opposite view, that precedent must give way to original meaning in almost every case.
I believe the next justice to the Supreme Court should be one who will uphold the original meaning of the Constitution, judge cases fairly before the Court, and one that has true respect for the Constitutions place in our system of government and the limited powers it grants.
Rather, the logic of originalism would compel nearly all committed originalists to respect the original meaning of such an amendment.
'As this court also noted that the term "constituent peoples", regardless in what way it has been used by domestic political elites, arose as a consequence of genocide and ethnic cleansing, and therefore we urge political parties, finally after 22 years, to begin using this term in its original meaning in order to ensure rights, freedoms and equality for all BiH citizens,' it is concluded in the statement of the association 'Circle 99'.
Second, the original meaning is excellent, or at least good or good enough, and it is far from clear that judges or other interpreters can improve on it.
With this, the original meaning has been completely erased because it is not even a cuss word.
The original meaning of shoddy is now largely unknown outside this area, and the word has come to mean of inferior quality, shabby or broken-down.