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Mike Lee (R-UT) and Josh Hawley (R-MO) introduced the Take Care Act Wednesday, a bill designed to promote accountability and effective administration by restoring the original understanding of the Presidents constitutional power to remove his subordinates.
The Original Understanding," he quotes James Madison that the proper way to interpret the Constitution is to maintain consistency with the original meaning of the words used when the Constitution was written, since it was in that sense that "the Constitution was accepted and ratified by the nation.
Orcel and the fact that the costs of compensating him for past remuneration cannot exceed those corresponding to the original understanding," the company said in a statement.
Ronald Reagan's attorney general, Edwin Meese, III, challenged this view, most notably in a speech delivered to the American Bar Association in 1985, arguing for a return to the original understanding of the Constitution as binding law.
He then used his opinion to invite future litigants to make arguments grounded in the amendment's "original understanding," a development that could prove very unfriendly to the wishes of law enforcement.
Traditional use of the phrase on money comports with the establishment clause's original understanding, they ruled.
It follows that the pragmatic argument for originalism is not strong under mirror-image conditions, in which interpreters have relevant precedents or traditions, and in which the original understanding is pretty bad and judges or other interpreters are clear that they can improve on it.
Much of the confusion stemmed from the original understanding that when the proposals were released over the summer, they would only be aimed at the wealthiest corporations.
Scalia recognized that "it is often exceedingly difficult to plumb the original understanding of an ancient text" and to apply that understanding to contemporary issues.
That's a proposition.' (Senator Gordon's original understanding of Aguirre's role in the Jack Lam bribery case was the right one; like many, I do not agree with his final conclusion.)
But of course, that original understanding was long in the making, and throughout most of history much direct and indirect violence was inflicted on the apes because they were seen as subhuman.
Smith uses the concept of "persons" to illustrate the open-endedness of concepts, noting that when a court properly puts aside the original understanding and legal precedent of "persons" to hold that blacks are indeed "actual referents" of "persons" (p.

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