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Much of the confusion stemmed from the original understanding that when the proposals were released over the summer, they would only be aimed at the wealthiest corporations.
Scalia recognized that "it is often exceedingly difficult to plumb the original understanding of an ancient text" and to apply that understanding to contemporary issues.
Senator Gordon's original understanding of Aguirre's role in the Jack Lam bribery case was the right one; like many, I do not agree with his final conclusion.
But of course, that original understanding was long in the making, and throughout most of history much direct and indirect violence was inflicted on the apes because they were seen as subhuman.
Smith uses the concept of "persons" to illustrate the open-endedness of concepts, noting that when a court properly puts aside the original understanding and legal precedent of "persons" to hold that blacks are indeed "actual referents" of "persons" (p.
To quote one example: "As far as ISIS is concerned, Al-Zarqawi is the "mutator" in chief as he not only parted ways with the original understanding of Salafi-jihadism, but also mutated Al-Qaeda's Salafi-jihadism into a distinct ideology as employed by ISIS" (pp.
Barnett champions the original understanding of the Constitution.
overlooked a crucial element: the original understanding of the
Satisfying as it may be for Cruz's opponents to see him hoist by his own interpretive petard, this way of framing the issue is misleading, because the debate about the meaning of "natural born citizen" is mainly about what the original understanding was, as opposed to whether the original understanding should prevail.
The more current variant of originalism--which Randy Barnett has popularized as the "New Originalism"--looks to the original understanding of the framers' text.
There are many more amendments we need, in part because the federal government and the courts have gotten so far away from the original text and the original understanding of our Constitution," Cruz told reporters after a stop in Webster City, Iowa.
This was against the original understanding Thinacheithi reached with the SLFF-and Thinacheithi then refused to give-in to Federation's undue demand.