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Supreme Court gave its stamp of approval to this original understanding in United States v.
Her words allow an interpretation that may extend or transcend our original understanding of the image.
44) Some people who hold this view contend that the original understanding was that the Constitution creates broad principles whose concrete meaning would not be frozen in time.
Sam Nicholson, who led the owner's design and construction team said, "YESCO was a great partner on this project and proved to be capable beyond our original understanding of their company.
Other originalists have sought evidence of "the original understanding.
or original understanding actually suggests that the Founders understood
Advocates of originalism, a theory of judicial review (and an interpretive method) that envisions a judiciary that is active in defense of the original meaning of the Constitution and passive when the Constitution is silent, emphasize the virtue of fidelity; they believe a good judge is a judge who remains faithful to the original understanding of the law even when there is political and moral pressure to do otherwise.
argue that the text and original understanding of Article III require that federal courts be open, in some fashion, to cases in which even minimal diversity of citizenship exists.
There is nothing to justify them in either the plain language or the original understanding of the Charter as expressed during deliberations by Prime Minister Trudeau and other leading members of Parliament.
The work purports to put forward an original understanding of the lawful character of normative moral theory and its relationship to God, whose existence is assumed for the sake of argument in the book.
He said that Russia wanted a brief decision allowing the placement of observers on the ground, stressing that the draft needs much work as it contradicts the original understanding of doing something quickly to send people into the field.
Constitution, his keen intellect and extraordinary knowledge of all things legal, and his steadfast commitment to the principles of federalism and limited government--into making it at the time the leading legal journal challenging judicial activism and defending the original understanding of the Constitution.